Caped crusader

A while ago, I was posting on here about a second attempt at my cape pattern, to make a shorter capelet for a wedding.

That wedding was this weekend; a gorgeous day in North Wales with my in-laws – a beautiful bride, and a great party in general. It was very Welsh – male voice choir, lamb, dragons, the full thing – and a really special day for everyone.

Here’s how my little cape turned out – it’s pink satin and I did the beading to try and match a little with the pattern of the dress I was wearing it with, which has a huge pair of birds printed on it. Halfway through, I thought that it wasn’t really matching so I decided to do one side deliberately different from the other. In future, I’d probably change one side even more to make it more obvious.

This fabric sits nicely and I’m looking forward to using this as a little cover-up to brighten up some outfits in the summer.

To put it in context a little, here’s my full outfit and my beloved in his trusty kilt (there were many kilted men in attendance – both Scots and Welsh!):

At the moment, I’m trying to finish off some half-done projects in an attempt to get ready for Me Made May. I’ve also just got my suit pattern through the post which I’m very excited about:

I’ve read quite a few different blog posts about people making various parts of this pattern, and comments on how easy it was to make the trousers, like this entry on Handmade Jane really attracted me to it. I have a total issue with trousers, and I just don’t feel comfortable in them. I barely ever wear them, but I would still like some if I could get them right. This could be the pattern to get me back on the trouser track. I also love the blouse. And the jacket, as previously posted, is going to make up my That’s Sew Cinematic challenge in channelling Cher from Clueless in a fabulous blazer. I had a look last night and it’s not terribly complex, so I’m looking forward to getting cracking.


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