All me made all may


Yello folks. It’s May 1st, which means it’s the start of Me Made May!

At this stage, because I’ve got a lot of clothing I’ve made, and I have jackets, capes and coats included, I’m pretty much wearing something I stitched together every day. So the idea of doing so isn’t so much of a challenge as it has been in the past two years I’ve taken part.

However, what I enjoy about Me Made May is that it’s a fun celebration of creating stuff. I know there are people who get bored or annoyed with the all the pics, which is fair enough as it can become a little relentless. For me it’s the opposite. I love browsing through and seeing what everyone is wearing and how they’ve styled it.

Last year, I decided I was going to try no repeats to keep it interesting. This year, I’m going to try using a certain amount of key things I wear all the time and see how I can style them differently. I’ll do a couple of roundups here to compare and chat about that, but mostly I’ll be updating on Instagram and sharing in the Flickr group too.

Day 1 of #mmm15 - #butterick retro #b5707 with pink beanie cause it's cold, mac, yellow tights and Melissa shoes.

Here’s to a month of creative fun.


5 responses to “All me made all may

  1. Agree with you about enjoying everyone’s different stylings. Also gives me an idea of what’s trending, and how it looks on different figure types. del

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