Refashionable in plaid for #SewSolidarity

Hello! It’s been a while.

If you follow me on Instagram you might know I’ve been away on holiday – leaving little time for sewing or blogging. So hey. I’m feeling refreshed and happy. More on the trip in later posts (naturally I did a little fabric and pattern shopping).

For now, a very simple refashioning project.

While I was away I read about Traid’s #SewSolidarity campaign via English Girl at Home. Here’s the thing. I know I don’t think enough about my clothes. I am too used to the low prices which mean it’s almost impossible someone isn’t being exploited somewhere along the line. Yes, I make my own things and yes, I shop second-hand and vintage – but I do also buy high street.

Campaigns like Fashion Revolution – which marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster – are a reminder and a wake-up call about what that actually means. I’m trying to be more considerate in what I buy and wear, but I know I have a long way to go. It’s a case of trying to remind myself more frequently – each time I check a label or approach the till in a shop. It’s thinking about what small actions I can take which might trickle back.

#SewSolidarity is part of that. The idea is to look to your own wardrobe – or a local second-hand or vintage shop – and find something either made in Bangladesh (where the Rana Plaza factory collapse happened) or from a brand which manufactures in Bangladesh. Then give it a new lease of life by refashioning it.

H&M dress refashioned for #SewSolidarity

So here’s the story behind this dress. I bought it from H&M (who did not source from Rana Plaza but who do manufacture in Bangladesh), let’s say four or five years ago? H&M are an interesting company in terms of this issue, because they’ve since made some commitments to work towards better sustainability in terms of sourcing and manufacturing their garments.

Sadly, H&M’s sizing rarely agrees with me in the bust. So while the waist and skirt fit fine, the top was rather tighter. This was also just before I put on some weight, so it quickly got relegated to the back of the wardrobe.

H&M dress refashioned for #SewSolidarity

Why didn’t I throw it out? Because I am TERRIBLE at clearing out my wardrobe. Call it laziness, call it vanity.

I’m imagining many #SewSolidarity projects will be far more ambitious than this one, but I kinda like that what I did shows how incredibly easy it is to remake something so that you can actually get some use out of it again.

The bonus of the dress was that I had a great amount of fabric in it – and a super easy way to alter it. The problem was all in the top… so I cut off the top.

H&M dress refashioned for #SewSolidarity

I used some leftover pleather for a new waistband, and put in a new zip from my stash. And that’s it. BAM! One hour later, new skirt. Easy as that.

I am pretty pleased to have this back in play in my wardrobe. I think the fabric is cute and very wearable. Want to know the funny part?

H&M dress refashioned for #SewSolidarity

Oops! I was somewhat overzealous in my waistband allowance. So yes, I will have to, ahem, refashion my refashion and take it in a little. At the moment, it’s perfectly wearable but it sits pretty low on my hips rather than my preferred waist position.

H&M dress refashioned for #SewSolidarity

Pockets ❤

So that’s me back! I’m hoping to finally get a chance to catch up on some other blogs in the next week or so, because I’ve pretty much only been reading about the upcoming General Election here in the UK. That will continue obsessively for the next two weeks.

Anything languishing in the back of your wardrobe which you could revamp?


10 responses to “Refashionable in plaid for #SewSolidarity

  1. Love it. I have also just finished a refashion (of a top) that requires an additional refashion! In my case the fabric is too stiff for my original idea so I’m rethinking it!!

  2. Great re-fashion, isn’t it satisfying to get something back into use like that?! I’ve got a few refashions I really need to get on with before MMM, thanks for the reminder!

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