Is that pleather? Why yes, and thank you for noticing

This story starts with a strange bit of fabric I bought on a whim last year in Remnant Kings. It’s like a slightly stretchy pleather. Yup, really.

I can’t quite remember why I bought it. It’s possible I had it in mind for the Grease sewalong which I never managed to pull off – but I think it was after that. Whatever my reasoning a good metre and a bit ended up in my stash without any real plans for what to do with it.

Let’s just say it, pleather can be pretty trashy. But I’ve seen so many nice faux leather RTW items in the past couple of years that I felt, given the right pattern, I could make something of it.

I started off trying for a new version of Butterick B5707.

Butterick B5707I have a floral version of this pattern which I adore, and I’ve been planning to remake it for ages.

The issue is that the fabric was just too firm to get the right drape in the front of the bodice. I ended up with kind of a crazy enormous top. Very unflattering. Not ideal. I also felt like the skirt was a bit overpowering in the original length so decided to lop a little off.

In the end, this project is a little scrappy. It’s half leftovers from other projects.

Last year I made a red Gabriola skirt which I loved so much it was swiftly followed by a black jersey one (it’s not blogged, but a black maxi has definitely been a good wardrobe addition). The fabric for the black version was some of the nicest I’ve used, a heavy jersey from Minerva crafts. I had a good half metre left waiting for a home.

At the same time, I also had some scraps from my recent scuba dress and I have a good tubfull of those sequins too.

Black jersey pleather sequin dress


Put those together, disregard the original bodice and you have a new, roughly drafted kimono sleeve bodice, friends! The scuba is used for the facing, and of course I went to town a bit embellishing the neckline.

Black jersey pleather sequin dress

I noticed in the pic it looks like it’s pulling across the tummy a bit. While that would be entirely possible, it doesn’t actually do this so not sure if it’s just a bit rumpled.

The bodice is scooped a little lower than I would like, because halfway into cutting said facings I realised there was a big chunk missing from the bottom layer of scuba and did some swift redrafting. This means it sits pretty wide on the shoulders.

Black jersey pleather sequin dress

In the back, I ended up leaving the bodice open. RACY! Actually this was because I did put the zip in all the way up, but the much drapier jersey was fighting it whereas the pleather was perfectly happy. The bodice also has a bit of bagginess about it which wasn’t working. I decided to rip it out and put in a short zip on the skirt alone, then add a button to the top of the bodice. As you can see, I need to sort out the length of the button loop. It just goes to show how slapdash this whole project was.

I like having the back like this though. Obviously it’s a bit much for work, so I’ll wear it teamed with a shirt – or never take my cardigan off.

Black jersey pleather sequin dress

Messy sewing room shame. I upped the brightness on this so you can actually get an idea of what the fabric is like.

Black jersey pleather sequin dress

Finally getting my hair done this week. Yassss.

I’m quite enjoying the dress especially given its scrappy beginnings. I realise pleather isn’t quite to everyone’s taste, but I’ve definitely got a place for it in my wardrobe.


9 responses to “Is that pleather? Why yes, and thank you for noticing

  1. I have a love of pleather too, especially when it is used for little details. It can be a bit of a pain in terms of pressing though and you can’t really afford to make any mistakes that require unpicking. Leather, sequins and a racy back is pretty brave for work!

    • You do have to be careful! A white button up shirt underneath made it a little more formal but I may keep it for weekends in future 🙂

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