Colour wheel: White light, white heat

When I was wee, my aunt gave me an outfit which I thought was the best thing ever. It was an oversized cream jumper, with peach inserts, and matching peach leggings. I was pretty sure I looked like someone from Saved by the Bell, which of course was awesome.

Saved by the Bell Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Lisa Turtle was way cooler, but I couldn’t find a pic of her in a big jumper. Pic from Stylefinch

As much as I loved the cream jumper, I also spent a lot of time running around outside. So from what I remember, it didn’t last well.

Give or take a few experiments, I’ve largely stayed away since. The idea of wearing white slightly terrifies me. I imagine spilling all of the things, leaning on dirty surfaces, sitting in mud etc. Then last year, I found a gorgeous textured white top in Topshop and a sheer white shirt in Miss Selfridge. Having managed to wear both without disastrously staining them, I started to come around to the idea of wearing white again.

After all, there are also some good pop-culture white clothes references – Bianca Jagger?

Or Solange’s ridiculously good wedding jumpsuit/cape extravaganza:

Sure, it’s more of a cream, but I’m lumping white/cream/ivory/off-white in together. Pic from Glamour

Anyway what all this adds up to is that I started being much more interested in white fabric again. So much that I recently ended up with a full-white outfit. This fabric in particular might look a little familiar, as it’s the white version of the black houndstooth scuba I used for my winter coat.

Papercut patterns Rigel Bomber jacket Dr Martens Siano shoe Kwik Sew 3580

You might recognise this pattern as the Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber Jacket. I’m so glad Rigel Bomber Jacket January pushed me into giving it a go. I actually finished the jacket in time to put it in the Flickr pool, where you can feast your eyes on a whole range of gorgeous versions, but I was feeling so rubbish that week that the idea of taking more pics was unwelcome.

Unfortunately the pic above is hiding a flaw which will become all too obvious. But let’s just concentrate on this delightful fabric for now.

I had bought 2m of fabric just in case of disaster, which left me with plenty to make this matchy-matchy skirt. It’s the same Kwik-Sew pattern I used for my Clueless outfit a while back.

White embossed houndstooth scuba skirt

By far my favourite part of this pattern – and the reason I’d choose it over more standard pencil skirts – is the pockets. Not only are they practical and roomy, but the little tucks used to create them mean the skirt is slightly more flattering on my stomach than a pencil skirt which sits flush.

Also brightening up my wardrobe of late are these Doc Marten Siano shoes. A nice bit of trivia? The girl in the DMs shop told me (after I tried and failed to pronounce it) that these are called Sian-O after someone in the marketing department.

Dr Martens Siano shoe white

I’ve also been mad for this Topshop x Central St Martin’s necklace, which I got for Christmas (along with the matching rings!)

Pic from Topshop

Now back to the bomber.

So I’d done a muslin of this pattern in a random fabric from Gold Thimble and while the body came together fairly simply, I had a hell of a time with the welt pockets, which I’d never tried before. So when it came to the proper version, I took them super, mega slow and the actual pocket part is, I’m pleased to say, pretty damn good.

Where it falls down is where I positioned the fabric over it. Somehow I completely did not notice when I was sewing, finishing, pressing or even taking pics – but only when I looked back at this pic:

Papercut patterns Rigel bomber jacket white houndstooth

Did you spot it? Aw, MAN! 😦

As you can see, that’s one welt a good half-inch to an inch higher than the other. All the more noticeable in that lovely contrasting black fabric of course!

I’m not sure how I did this as I did align the actual pockets on the pattern pieces. I’m also astounded that I did so much work and, again, did not notice until it was all over. SIGH. So I’m still deciding how to unpick and fix this, given the way the welts are sewed. Blunderous.

Despite that, I’m still gonna start wearing the jacket while I decide, because aside from #pocketfail, I’m pretty pleased with it.

Papercut patterns Rigel bomber jacket white houndstooth

Not quite as noticeable when it’s on. Or so my mum tells me, bless her.

Papercut patterns Rigel bomber jacket white houndstooth

I was lucky enough to find a length of plain white heavyweight scuba in the Remnant Kings remnant bin when I bought the houndstooth, so I lined the jacket with that. It should prove fairly cozy, I think!

Papercut patterns Rigel Bomber jacket

Hey! If I do this, the pockets are level!

Papercut patterns Rigel Bomber jacket

Probably won’t be wearing the full suit together much to be fair. Though as an ensemble, it does have a certain Stormtrooper-style chic.

Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper? Pic from OriginalProp

So, how do you feel about white clothing? And how likely am I to spill tomato sauce/red wine/chocolate ice-cream ALL OVER MYSELF?


21 responses to “Colour wheel: White light, white heat

  1. That’s perfect fabric for the jacket, it looks great. What a massive pain about the pockets though! Can you fudge something, like adding a wee bit of black to the top of one pocket and the bottom of the other so it’s less noticeable?

    • That’s a great suggestion Kerry! It may be the solution if it doesn’t look too obvious, because it would be much easier than unpicking the whole pocket and hopefully would avoid damaging the front of the jacket.

  2. I rarely wear white because I really do spill all the things, and I can’t even blame it on the children although they certainly don’t help. I do love this outfit though. The storm trooper reference made me lol. Not sure it’s a bad thing though! And re the pockets: honestly, no one will notice. Really, they won’t!!!

  3. OK, I’m just going to have to have this entire outfit from top to bottom. SO COOL. I never would’ve noticed the pockets without you pointing it out… how annoying! This whole look is fantastic. Also, while I’ve always loved Bianca’s wedding outfit, Solange’s wedding made me want to get a divorce and do it all over again, this time without the puffy dress my mom talked me into! Too, too fabulous!

  4. OMG Elaine, you are killing me with these Scuba makes! I love this one also! It’s the perfect fabric for that jacket and I love the suit look! LOVE 💕

  5. Love this whole look! You can see the pattern on that fabric more clearly than in the black. I’m with your mum on the pockets, hardly noticeable when it’s on. If it’s bothering you though then Kerry’s suggestion sounds like it could be a good fix.

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