Sewing Saturday at The Stitchery

Last week, I had a fun sewing Saturday with some other bloggers!ย Kerry had the idea to set this up at The Stitchery, a gorgeous sewing studio which offers classes in the west end of Glasgow.

I met Kerry, Franca, Nessa, Katy,ย Katy, Amy, Hazel, Alison and Jen. When I arrived, they were already hard at work.

Franca took this pic of me, Alison and Amy mid-stitch!

I normally sit at my machine either pleasantly humming or frustratedly huffing at myself, so having a social sew was really fun. Also, it’s always good to meet people who actively enjoy chat about patterns, four-way stretch fabric, and twin needles.

Sewing machines at The Stitchery, Glasgow

The machines in the sewing room.

Tea at The Stitchery, Glasgow

Essential supplies

Mannequin at The Stitchery, Glasgow

How gorgeous is this mannequin?

View from The Stitchery, Glasgow

The view up to Park Circus is not bad, either!

So, what did I make?

On the week in question I’d been struck down by a cold, so my plans to have cut-out pattern pieces flew out the window. Instead, I started from scratch on the day. I used a pattern I knew would be simple to cut and sew up – meaning I could concentrate on the chat too.

I used this 1960s Butterick 2907 pattern for my digital print dress last year, one of my favourite things in my wardrobe.

Butterick 2907 made up in digital print jersey

I wanted to try it again, so this make is part one of my Vintage Pledge. The pattern originally came from Alison at a previous swap, who was sitting beside me as I sewed up the new version – just along from Kerry, who’s co-hosting Vintage Pledge this year! Sewing blog world BOOM.

While the first version is a fairly slinky jersey, this time I was using some scuba I picked up in the Remnant Kings sale. It’s interesting how a little bit of structure in a fabric changes something so completely. I apparently forgot any changes I made the last time as I thought I’d sewed it up straight from the pattern, but the dress was initially pretty big on. I think I took about an inch off the side seams while in The Stitchery.

The Stitchery, Glasgow

Captured in all my elegance by Franca as I was trying on the dress at The Stitchery! In the middle of saying ‘It’s not finished though!’ ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing I learned about stitching with others was, I spend A LOT of time trying things on and checking the fit in the mirror. I didn’t do this as much in a room full of other sewers and when I left The Stitchery, I had the garment put together but I knew I wanted to tweak it as it wasn’t quite right.

In the lighter jersey, it has a relaxed fit and is worn with a belt. But in the scuba, it’s a bit too boisterous. Whileย it looked OK with a belt, it was still a bit more voluminous than I’d have liked.

My initial thought was to cut it into a mini-dress, but when I got home and started pinning, I changed my mind.

Butterick 2907 vintage pattern pledge in jade scuba

MAN I need a haircut!

Instead I decided to put some more shape in the dress. I started by re-stitching the sides, again. I took roughly another inch off in places but rather than straight up-and-down as the pattern calls for, I nipped in the waist and also shaped the skirt in a little at the bottom. I remain obsessed with tulip skirts.

Butterick 2907 vintage pattern pledge in jade scuba

Then, I added some darts to the front of the dress. You can see from the pic above I’ve still got a little excess fabric at the small of my back. I’m trying to decide how best to deal with this. I’m not sure if shaping the back seam or adding darts at the back will do the trick. I can still happily wear the dress in the meantime but I would like to fix it.

I also cut the sleeves to just under elbow length, as it’s more flattering for me.

Butterick 2907 vintage pattern pledge in jade scuba

I’m pretty pleased with the results. Scuba is incredibly easy to work with and if you’re lazy like me, you can also get away with not hemming it (cheeky). I also love how clean the seams look on the sleeves.

Butterick 2907 vintage pattern pledge in jade scuba

Big thanks to Kerry for organising, all the bloggers for a fun day, and Cassandra at The Stitchery for being such a lovely host ๐Ÿ™‚


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