Nice weather for coats

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

It has been absolutely freezing here in Glasgow of late. Luckily, I finished this winter coat just as the snow came.

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

I’ve been without a coat that I love for a couple of years since my beloved old Topshop number got too natty to push out for another winter. I bought a new coat in the sales, but it wasn’t great quality, the shape was all wrong and just never felt good to wear.

What I’m always looking for in a coat is a decent length because I wear a lot of skirts and dresses, probably some sort of interesting pattern, a bit of flare and a cross over/double breasted coat to really wrap up warm.

So I’d been on the hunt for a great pattern, and Vogue V8346 definitely fit the bill. The way the long panels flare out and give it a good shape, but it still moves nicely. Plus, the knee-length option is a length I really love which you don’t always get with RTW.

Vogue coat pattern V8346

I do think it’s one where you have to look past the pattern art a little. I think the drawings have a bit of a frumpiness about them which naturally I’d like to avoid. But I just felt it would work if I used my houndstooth scuba from our Cloth Shop visit.

This fabric is SO great to work with. It’s got a lovely weight to it which makes the coat drape nicely.

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth




At first I wasn’t quite sure about the lapels – I definitely preferred them to the big collar which I thought would look way overpowering in this fabric. But they’ve really grown on me.

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

I wasn’t sure at first how to line it and considered using thinsulate, but one of the ladies in the shop suggested this quilted polycotton lining instead. I lined just the bodice rather than the full coat, because it would have felt too bulky and lost its flow. It’s still nice and snuggly. I finished off the raw edges with bias binding so that everything still looks nice and neat.

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

Obviously I ran out of bias binding with 30 cm of the facing to go. I just went for it and used some left over from my emerald city dress.

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

The only thing I haven’t done yet is choose a way to fasten it. I don’t feel like the fabric will work well with poppers and I don’t want to break up the front with buttons. I’ve been just wrapping this belt around it which has been fine, but it would be great to have a longer-term solution.

I thought about trying attaching a couple of buckle and straps to fasten it, but I’m just not sure. I don’t want to add something which risks changing the style of the coat too much. Any thoughts?

Vogue V8346 coat embossed scuba black houndstooth

I’ve worn this every day since I finished it, and I’m loving it so far. It feels nice and smart and it’s been keeping me warm.

Next up for me is my proper version of the Rigel bomber. Actually, I already have several different versions of it in my head because I love a good bomber. The next will be probably from the white version of this houndstooth fabric, and I also want to make a tartan one before going on holiday later this year.

I’ve done a muslin which let me practice the welt pocket – my first time trying that – and sewing in the cuffing which was also a first. What I learned was that cuffing is way easier than I thought but that welt pockets were not quite. So there’ll be a little more practice!


31 responses to “Nice weather for coats

  1. So very gorgeous! Do you have enough fabric to make a matching tie-belt? That would be cohesive and emphasize your waist. It would also highlight the skirt of the coat.

    • Thanks Annie. I do have enough but I’m not sure about a belt from the same fabric – however I think maybe a tie in a contrast? Maybe double-sided so either? Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. This looks great Elaine! I would never have thought to pair this fabric with this pattern, but it totally works! I read somewhere recently (can’t remember which blog) about someone considering using magnets to fasten a coat – so there were no visible closures. Might work here, but then again you might need to take the lining apart to “install” them. I do like the belt though!

    • Ooh, I hadnt thought of that at all! It would actually be fairly simple to unpick a little and put them in the facings. I will certainly consider 🙂 thanks!

  3. Beautiful coat so pretty on the inside too. Is that scuba textured or is that lining showing on the lapel? Either way, it’s a cool touch. Stay warm up there!

  4. Houndstooth scuba! amazing! and must be so warm. Great coat and love the emerald bias. I’ve also seen the magnet closure idea on other blogs, I think Debbie from Lily sage and co might have used them.

  5. I looooove this coat! It looks fabulous on you and is made of such gorgeous fabric. ❤ I really like the look of the belt with it (I did that on my own, too). 😀

  6. OMG Elaine, this is amazing, please tell me you’re wearing it on Sat so I can see the beauty of it in real life?! The fabric looks amazing made up in the pattern, totally not what I was expecting but it works so well. LOVE IT ❤

  7. I just found your blog from a post from remnant kings – I love this jacket pattern and really like the scuba fabric you used! Your jacket looks awesome and definitely weather appropriate for our current weather!

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