A fine vintage

It’s January, and January means there’s a whole host of new sewing chat going on across the interwebs. Out of all of it I’m very excited about Rigel Bomber Jacket January (I’ve got a hold of the pattern and some pretty interesting fabric, so hopefully get cutting out this weekend) and the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge.

“The vintage sewing pattern pledge"

Clicky clicky to sign up!

I missed this last year, but this year I thought I’d try and join in because I’m getting a little bored of some of my sewing habits. I have a fair whack of vintage patterns which I’ve not really got enough use from and this will be a good way to spur myself on. I was also excited to hear that Kerry is co-hosting this year!

My pledge is to make at least one thing from a vintage or repro pattern from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Here’s a peep at what I’ve got in my stash.

1940s sewing patterns

This might actually be my first pledge project as I’ve been planning to make the wide-leg trousers from this Simplicity pattern and have muslin fabric all waiting to be cut. I’ve made shorts from it previously – but I need to make some adjustments and the real fabric is silk so I don’t want to risk it.

I also have this blouse pattern which is either 40s or 50s (it’s not dated) and a gorgeous shape.

1950s sewing patterns

I’ve few a couple of these but also had a couple of fails from them – especially the Butterick B5605 which ended up a bit of a sad sack. I’m trying to decide between the off-the-shoulder Vintage Vogue V1094, which I got as a present and love but have never made properly, and re-making Butterick B5707 which I have always wanted another version of – possibly in a jersey.

1960s sewing patterns

Seems like I am really fond of 60s patterns or 60s style patterns! I’ve made a number of these, dresses, skirts, and tops. For a challenge, and because it’d be a useful make, I’d like to try one of the suit jackets from this pile. But I’d also already planned to remake the Butterick 2907 in some jade-green scuba I picked up in the Remnant Kings sale so that may come first.

1970s vintage sewing patterns

I’ve made the first two of these but not yet the shirt dress, which I’m hoping to try. I might tone down the lapels which are slightly Harry Hill.

Famous Frocks Madonna dress

It was only after I’d decided on my pledge that I realised I don’t actually own any 80s patterns. When I think about it, this isn’t that surprising because, as a child of that decade, I still find it hard to sentimentalise or appreciate the fashion (other than bomber jackets, natch). I do have this Madonna pattern from Famous Frocks, which I’ve never made before. I might keep an eye out for an alternative – suggestions welcome!


8 responses to “A fine vintage

  1. Great thinking picking from different decades. I thought about signing up but stopped myself since sometimes I have a habit of overcommitting to things! Looking forward to your makes!

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