Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

I’ve said it before I’m sure, but I have the best of best friends. A case in point is this week, when the awesome Lynsay took me along to an very special event.

Supercool Edinburgh-based events people Jelly & Gin have been running a series of cinema screenings called Watch & Wolf at the National Galleries of Scotland, and this Thursday night they showed The Wizard of Oz. It was no ordinary screening though. Billed as a ‘multi-sensory’ experience, we were given a set of food and drinks to consume while we watched the movie when the Wolf (literally a guy dressed as a wolf) held up the appropriate number.

I know, right? JUST as much fun as it sounds (ie THE MOST).

As the film played we tucked in to things like cocktail sausages, ruby slipper-coloured chocolates, toffee apples and a lollipop liquor in honour of these guys:

Lollipop Guild

And in the name of the Lollipop Guild, we wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land.

To me, this is extra-special because I love, love, LOVE the Wizard of Oz. Honestly. It’s my favourite film. I have dressed up as Dorothy on at least four occasions I can remember. I have watched the film more times than I can even think to count. I have made many friends watch it along with me. I even wore ruby slippers on my wedding day. The food and drinks were delicious, and it just added yet another layer to such a beautiful film.

Ruby slippers

These ones!

So obviously I used this as an excuse to procrastinate from the coat I am planning to make and sewed up an outfit to honour the occasion.

Now as I said, I’ve been Dorothy on quite a few occasions but I decided to try something different.

Dorothy Gale

Don’t worry Judy. I still love you.

I almost thought about some kind of Tin Man inspired outfit using my silver skirt. I also considered Glinda the good witch as I’d finally have an excuse to buy loads of tulle. But I had another idea in my head which I thought might be kinda fun and after I spotted some green twill in Remnant Kings while in picking something up for a present, it was on.

Because who else is awesomely dressed in the Wizard of Oz? THESE GUYS:

Wizard of Oz film still

It’s the Wash & Brush Up co!

Cutest dresses ever. I’m sure I could look that good every day too if I got up at 12 and started to work at 1, took an hour for lunch and then by 2 was done.

Now the dress I made is more inspired by than a copy of these. And rather than add the white collar to the actual dress, I thought I’d wear a white shirt underneath for a wee bit of warmth. It’s bloody cold here. It’s December guys, ok?

Butterick B5748 bodice Butterick B skirt green twill

I used two Butterick patterns I’ve used before – the bodice of B5748 and the skirt of B5982 – but I extended the skirt, so that it’s super full and I put big box pleats in.

I’m still not quite convinced this doesn’t look like some crazy Emerald City Primary School dress. But it went down a storm at work because, as well as being Oz-inspired, it makes me look ‘like a Christmas elf’ according to my lovely colleagues. I’ll take it! It gives me a good go-to Christmas outfit, as well as a sure-fire St Patrick’s Day look to fall back on next March.

Butterick B5748 bodice green twill

In seriousness though, for a couple of hours to sew up I’m pretty pleased with the dress. There a couple of issues around the armholes which I’d like to tweak a little, but other than that it felt swingy and Christmasy and Oz-y just like I wanted. I like the twill, but I’m kinda gutted I didn’t splash out for satin which would have looked nice too. My third option was velvet but, a couple of weeks before Christmas, it wasn’t quite in the budget.

Instead, to brighten it up, I added this immense green foil bias binding which I got at Gold Thimble down the road, and these lace motifs which I’ve had hanging round my stash for a while. There’s something very satisfying about finally finding a home for them.

Butterick B5748 bodice Butterick green twill

I also added one of my favourites, a Tatty Devine ruby slippers necklace, and a big-ass green plastic ring which I’ve had from – appropriately enough – a Christmas cracker – since I was about 13. Topping it off were trusted green We Are Faux lashes.

I’m so excited to hear whether they’re planning any more nights like this (although for me, it’s a hard film to top).

I’ll start that coat soon, honest. Oh and one more thing…

There's no place like home.

There’s no place like home.


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