Spectacular sequins from Edinburgh

Last weekend the lovely Franca (if you haven’t visited her blog Oranges and Apples recently I strongly suggest checking out her amazing Paris Street Art pics she’s been posting) set up a trip for some Scottish sewing peeps to Edinburgh for a bit of fabric shopping. Lucky things that we are, Hazel then suggested we could head to The Cloth Shop where we got some fab goodie bags. Woot!

I’ve been to Remnant Kings in Glasgow plenty of times, but it was the first time I’d been in their Edinburgh shop and the warm welcome we got was really lovely. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, which was good news because I bought this:

Leatherette sequinned fabric from Remnant Kings

It’s hard to describe this fabric and sound like I’m doing it justice (because the separate parts sound a little crazy). It’s like black leatherette sequins, but some are flipped to show the grey with a clear plastic coating, which looks kinda silvery from a distance.

Leatherette sequinned fabric from Remnant Kings

I feel like I’ve made it sound absolutely disgusting, but I assure you it’s stunning. It’s also pretty similar to some of the gorgeous sequin stuff I’ve seen on the high street this year (what up, Ted Baker?).

Anyway the problem with this is, I’ve never sewn with sequins before so I was really lucky to get to ask for some tips from the staff at The Cloth Shop. One suggestion, which I think I’ll be using, is to trim the sequins off the seam allowance, then sew some back on around the seam to stop it looking too gappy. Because the sequins are sewn on to a mesh, I’ll also have to be careful about how I stitch it – another helpful tip from the shop was to try a ballpoint needle on my machine.

The plan is to make a really simple top, because with this fabric it would really be best to let it speak for itself. And I have about two weeks to do so because I want to make it in time for Christmas nights.

I also picked up 3m of this houndstooth embossed scuba:

Houndstooth quilted jersey fabric from Remnant KingsI’ve had my eye on it for a while for a coat. I’m going to use Vogue V8346 (cutting it just above the knee), but still haven’t decided what to do about lining it to make the bodice nice and cosy.

After the shopping, Franca had booked us a table at Mimi’s Bakehouse at The Shore, where we treated ourselves to amazing rainbow layer cake, tea and pink lemonade.

Mimi's Bakehouse, The Shore, Edinburgh

The decor is beautiful inside and out

The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh

The gorgeous view from Mimi’s

Nessa and Franca at Mimi's Bakehouse, Leith

Franca and Nessa

Scottish sewing bloggers at Mimi's Bakehouse, Edinburgh

I love that I must be sitting right under the light which gives the impression I’ve just been beamed in to the shot. L-R is Kerry (Kestrel Makes), Helen (Grosgrain Green), Franca (Oranges and Apples), Nessa (Nessa’s Place), me, Amy (Boldly Gold) and Hazel (Disaster in a Dress).

It was lovely to have a bit of a catchup about sewing, cake disasters, birthdays and crafty stuff. Now on to the sequins…


12 responses to “Spectacular sequins from Edinburgh

  1. Wowee those sequins are amazing! And I’ve just bought some embossed scuba to make a skirt: your coat plans sound brilliant, I shall look forward to seeing the results!

  2. That fabric looks amazing. Ive sewn with sequins twice, once a simple jacket and also my wedding dress. I had read about cutting away the sequins. I started to but in the end basically just sewed right on, sometimes i nudged them out of the way, sometimes sewed straight through them. Mostly that was fine, though a few machine needles were sacrificed in the process. Look forward to seeing your make and hearing how you go.

  3. I can’t wait to see your top with this Elaine, I was looking at it again the shop the other day! Was a lovely wee afternoon through in Edinburgh, can’t wait for our next event! 😄

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