Colour wheel: Hi, ho, silver lining

I have a few favourites in the rainbow (I don’t have a “pretty in pink” tag for nothing!).
As you might have gathered from my blogstentialism post, I’ve been thinking through some different theme ideas which don’t necessarily have to tie in to new creations – because, if I do cut down, I usually still want to write.
So, I decided to try a little series about the colours which are in my wardrobe or my plans – and this is the first.


Silver is exciting because it makes me feel like a space-age hero. Oh hai, Barbararella!

Jane Fonda in Barbarella

It also reminds me of musical heroes, like a young Dawid Bowie.

David Bowie

And of course it’s pretty much my hair colour at the moment (when the toner is right).

But I’ll admit it’s not always the easiest colour to wear. Personally, I’m kinda ok with looking like I’m ready for lift-off, but toning it down to be something I can wear more often helps too.

Which is where this new skirt comes in!

Silver tulip skirt Elisalex pattern  I spotted this fabric in Remnant Kings during the summer and I loved it instantly, but I’ll admit the thought of what is essentially silver pleather took me a while to work up to buying.

What finally convinced me was the lead-up to OWOP. I had started making the skirt version of Elisalex, and I just had an inkling that this was the pattern to totally rule this fabric. So I went and nabbed a metre and a half.

Silver tulip skirt Elisalex pattern

You can also see in detail that I need to do some sewing-room tidying.

I got cracking, hoping to finish it during OWOP. However. Turns out such a mega-exaggerated shape in a fabric with such sturdiness made it look like I was wearing an elephant’s head as a skirt. It definitely needed some toning down.

While I didn’t have time during OWOP, I finished it off a few weeks later. This timing has actually worked out rather nicely because, as you may have spotted, By Hand London have just launched their #PatternHackathon comp which means I have an entry.

Like the lace skirt, I just cut out the skirt pieces then used the waistband of a 70s dress pattern.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried sewing this sort of fabric. It was a little easier than I thought it’d be, but certain bits gave me some trouble. Anything which involved the silver being on the outside played havoc with my sewing machine, because it kept sticking – so it’s not hemmed. But, it doesn’t really need to be either.

Since I finished the skirt, I’ve been enjoying trying out different stylings.

Silver tulip skirt Elisalex pattern

I’d also been on the hunt for a new furry jacket and by lucky coincidence, this one from New Look is a great match. I also nabbed this galaxy-print tshirt on sale from Burtons – sometimes, boy tshirts can be great! Naturally I sliced off the arms and the neckline to girly it up a bit. And the glitter wedges I’ve had for a few years from Schuh (the last time I bought shoes in Schuh, because they never stock a size 8!).

Silver tulip skirt Elisalex pattern

Silver glitter wedges

Galaxy print tshirt tatty devine brooch

I wanted to see how it looked with another couple of stylings too.

Silver Converse All Stars sequin top beaded back silver elisalex skirt

Silver Converse All Stars

Silver pleather Elisalex pattern hack skirt with black jumper and shoesI still have a little left of the pleather, so I will be doing something with that soon. The silver story continues.

So, what’s your favourite colour?


9 responses to “Colour wheel: Hi, ho, silver lining

  1. The skirt looks great, really like it with the green and the gold glitter tops. I have so many favorite colours, lately its been navy. Think I’ve almost reached my limit of navy frocks now though.

  2. The skirt is amaaaaazing! ❤ I love it. 🙂 Fav colours for me are any shade of pink (except it's a huge gap in my wardrobe right now!), purple, green, and red. I like most shades of blue, but I definitely love the jewel tones and pinks. 🙂

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