Blue, blue, electric blue

Today’s OWOP post is a partner to the lace skirt earlier this week. I first made this top to match the skirt – as you can see, it features cutouts of the same blue lace.

I’d always planned to make them as separates because I liked the idea of the lace having a slight overhang on the top:
Top in blue crepe and lace using Elisalex pattern

It was nice and simple to make the top up in this electric blue crepe. It’s got a nice texture, not too crunchy and not too slippy, and the colour is SO good. It’s looking a little brighter in these pics, but it really is quite a strong, deep blue in real life. The only issue with this is that I spent all day with ‘Sound and Vision’ by David Bowie in my head. In fairness, that’s not really a bad thing.

It didn’t take a long time. I appliquéd the lace on, which probably took the longest. In all honesty, I’m not sure how long it’s going to survive when washing, but I was really keen to try it out and see how it looked, so it seemed a good opportunity to do it when both these fabrics were on sale. I’m experimenting with things like this at the moment, connected with some plans I’m working on (watch this space).Bodice of Elisalex pattern to make a topOriginally, I had planned on wearing the skirt and bodice together. But when I put the outfit on, it just didn’t feel right. I think both pieces are pretty cool separately, but when they combine there’s too much and it starts to look stuffy.

However, that’s definitely not going to stop me wearing this top!

Today I styled it with a bit of a 90s throwback vibe (you know I love my Clueless). I was lucky enough to have my bestie on hand to snap a couple of pics before heading out to an autumn season launch at Topshop. Plus, it was a beautiful evening tonight – I maintain, September is always a beautiful month here in Glasgow.
IMG_4581I altered the back to kind of slope open, and just sewed in some pop fasteners. I think I might change that for buttons, and I also might add some more lace around this back bottom edge.
IMG_4586 Again, I have to shout out the versatility of this pattern. I like being able to hack it apart and take the bits and pieces I need. Electric blue crepe and lace top using Elisalex bodice

So, today’s full OWOP outfit details:

Headband: Crown and Glory

Shirt: Miss Selfridge sale bargain

Shorts: Debenhams/Red Herring

Shoes: Melissa

Bag: M&S

From now on likely that you’ll get repeats from me as I’ve had a bit of a gutting disaster with my latest Elisalex, which I’ve been sewing up during OWOP. There’s something very odd going on with the fabric, and it keeps puckering. I’ve tried a bunch of tricks and I can’t get it to stop. I’m busy preparing for a course this weekend, so I don’t really have time to keep working on it if it’s not happening just now. Sad times as I love the look of the fabric. I hate when good fabric misbehaves.

Two more days!


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