Elisalex and the bag of wonder

Elisalex dress, Aloha print fabric, Ted Baker Shoes Today’s OWOP outfit is Alohalex, which makes me feel far more summery than it now is. Here’s a very quick outline before another little DIY fix.

Dress: Elisalex in Aloha-print fabric

Belt: Same pink M&S guy (it gets a lot of wear)

Shoes: Ted Baker

Oh and I know that little corner pic is hella blurry, but I love my hair in it so I put it in.

Totally unrelated, but keeping with my DIY theme for OWOP, today’s post is about a recent make I worked on with my best gal Lynsay.

I get a lot of exciting texts from Lynsay. Often they are Prince-based. One time we just spent twenty minutes texting JANET! BRAD! JANET? DR SCOTT! ROCKY! at each other. But the most exciting text she’s sent me was about what shall henceforth be known as the Bag of Wonder. I’m paraphrasing, but it was something along the lines of, ‘My designer friend is moving abroad and wants to give me a bag of remnants of her fabric. Do you think we could do something with that?’

Oh friends. You can guess what my response was. It had many exclamation marks. 

Ikea bag with fabric remnants

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.

The Bag of Wonder now resides in my sewing room, constantly tempting me with scraps of gorgeous tartan, heavy-weight denim, totally random stretchy purple cuffing and so much more.

We’ve started to make what I hope will be a cute dress for Lynsay, but to kick us off (and because a lot of the remnants are the perfect size for this) we started by each making a cute lil’ fascinator.

Tartan fascinator

I don’t know what tartan this is, but I love it. It’s got a gorgeous mix of red and sky blue, plus some green in there. I have a red winter cape, which I hope it will look smashing with.

Lynsay has done an awesome step-by-step rundown on her blog Miss West End Girl which you can follow. So, I won’t go into too much detail, but here’s a few pics to show my own hat-making process.

Fascinator base on tartan fabric

Starting with a fascinator base, and some fabric…

Fascinator in production

Cut out a circle of fabric, overlocked the edges (you could use pinking shears or zigzag stitch instead) and pinned the fabric down to sew it.

Making a fascinator

I added a wee circle of felt inside, to hide the rough edges. I had this in my stash already. This also meant I could really stitch down a couple of the folds around the edge which weren’t as flat as I would like, so that it looked nice and neat.

Tartan fascinator

Added a wee comb. I realised while doing this that it would have been easier to stitch or glue this on to the backing before stitching the backing to the fascinator. Live and learn! Next time.

Tartan fascinator

Naturally I also put a bow on it. I did this by making two wee rectangles of fabric, and looping them round under a rectangle of the red felt to give it a wee bit of pop – then stitching the whole lot to the top.

And here’s how it looks atop my head!

Tartan fascinator Tartan fascinatorAnd with that, we’ve barely made a dent in the Bag of Wonder. I’m looking forward to what’s next. Sewing with a pal is lots of fun! 

So, are you fascinated by fascinators? More OWOP-ing tomorrow…


12 responses to “Elisalex and the bag of wonder

  1. Such a cute wee fascinator and an excellent way to use some beautiful fabric. That tartan is just devine! Hx

  2. The fascinator is truly scrummy, the colours look great with your hair and I really enjoyed your OWOP posts, the blue looked stunning!

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