Elisalex and the Luchadores

Great band name, right?

It’s day two of OWOP and this is a doubly-OWOP make because I made it yesterday.

There’s a story behind this fabric, which starts with my husband.

Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

See, despite being 31 years old, there’s a few things he’s never grown out of. Like his love for Gillian Anderson (perfectly understandable), Jurassic Park (I’ll give him the first one) or sour sweeties. But king among these interests is WWE. You know, big muscly half-naked men shouting at each other and dancing about wrestling to complex and somewhat problematic storylines?

If you can’t tell from that description, I’m not a huge WWE fan. I think this might be because I was never exposed to it at a tender age, due in equal parts to my protective parents and never having those channels. And also because I don’t like shouting that much. I do love Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson though.

Anyway, we’re making some tentative plans to go see some wrestling-related stuff next year (I’m not gonna go into detail until there’s something booked. Or I’ll be gutted). Obviously, then, when I spotted this Alexander Henry (of course it is!) fabric in Mandors, I couldn’t resist.

Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

Now, I understand Lucha Libre is a little different from WWE (although I am reliably informed that there are Luchadores in there) but I think the resulting dress is something I’ll definitely prefer wearing over MrOC’s Stone Cold Steve Austin tshirt.

One thing I like about Elisalex is that it’s a nice showcase for crazy prints like this. It uses fabric in such a way that you can really make the most of them. So this was one of the fabrics in my ‘to make – Elisalex’ pile before OWOP even entered my blogfeed.

By Hand London Elisalex dress in Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

As the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted, that’s not actually an Elisalex bodice. This is another pattern hack, mainly because I didn’t want to do princess seams on this fabric. I thought the darts would be less intrusive and break into the print a bit less, so I grabbed the bodice of Butterick 5748 and moved the zip to the back to match Elisalex.

Although I didn’t bother with pattern-matching at the sides (because there’s so much going on anyway), I was careful to try and avoid any stray wrestler hands groping at any sensitive body parts. I realised this could be an issue because the first time I laid out the bodice piece, this was right on my chest:

Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

Watch where you’re putting that hand, buddy!

So when I asked MrOC to take a couple of pics, he naturally had a prop which I could use.

By Hand London Elisalex dress in Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

By Hand London Elisalex dress

Apparently this is where the coolguys hold it. Also welcome to the complete lack of guns show.

By Hand London Elisalex dress in Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

MrOC encouraged me to ‘give the finger like Steve Austin’. I censored it MTV style so as not to randomly insult you, dearest blog readers.

I didn’t line this version, just overlocked the edges and hemmed them. This fabric is nice and light enough to move well, but it’s thick enough to be fine on its own too.

Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

By Hand London Elisalex dress in Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

Satin bomber jacket and By Hand London Elisalex dress in Alexander Henry Lucha Libre fabric

Here are what I put with this, to pop out to the cinema and shops today:

Dress: Elisalex/Butterick 5748

Jacket: My favourite bomber which was from a Parma Vintage pop-up

Shoes: Vivienne Westwood/Melissa

Necklace: Tatty Devine (in honour of their 15th birthday this weekend!)

Tatty Devine 'AARRGHHHH' necklace

So that’s day two! Looking forward to having a browse through the rest of the day’s creations now on Instagram.


8 responses to “Elisalex and the Luchadores

  1. Loving the No Guns Gunshow! Fab dress, excellent choice for this fabric, which needs to be seen in all its glory..

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