Auto-correct says WOOP! But It’s OWOP

One Week One Pattern 2014 is hosted by Handmade Jane

You guys, I am mad for OWOP. The last OWOP was pretty much the first sewing challenge I ever tried to do (I just looked back at the pics. Woah, hair), and I’ve been loving Handmade Jane‘s posts leading up to the big event. It’s always interesting to see how different people approach a pattern, and OWOP is like that on overdrive.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, OWOP is One Week One Pattern – pick a pattern, and wear something you’ve made from that pattern every day between September 6 and 12th. I picked a By Hand London pattern this time around – Elisalex.

There were a few reasons for this. I had two versions of Elisalex already, and they’re without doubt two of my favourite things to wear. I also already had two different pieces of fabric in my stash that I was planning use the pattern (or parts of the pattern) for. And, it’s a pattern which is really a joy to put together. It’s a simple project, but looks super-cool once it’s done.

My first OWOP outfit is more of a pattern hack – I’m gonna call it skirtalex.

I had picked up some lovely electric blue lace from Remnant Kings’ remnant bins (like £4.90 for 1 1/2m woop). Some sort of moment of daftness grabbed me when I went to buy the lining, though. I meant to buy a nude, but ended up after a moment of madness in the fabric shop (we’ve all been there, yeah?) for some reason I picked out what’s more of a pale gold. Putting this with the electric blue lace made it look like some crazy Mother of the Bride get-up. No thanks.

I had the skirt all ready in the lace, and I was a bit stumped. Luckily I had a friend over for a bit of a mini sewing bee last week (more on that later this week!) and, after a wee chat, realised I could use some satin in my stash instead.

Blue lace overlaid on teal

And now we’re cooking.

I used a pattern piece for a waistband from another skirt, and some blue crepe which I actually had bought for a matching bodice, and will be wearing later in OWOP hopefully. I really like the way Elisalex looks as a skirt. One of my favourite things about something like OWOP is thinking of new ways to use and reuse patterns, and trying interesting fabrics.

Blue lace and teal satin skirt, orange shoes, jade top, tatty devine necklace

My mum took these pics after we went for a wee tea this morning. Even though she has the same iPhone as me, it was so bright that the glare didn’t help her trying to take them. But I think she did not bad 🙂

Blue lace and teal satin skirt, orange shoes, jade top, tatty devine necklaceI’m probably going to wear this skirt again later in the week, so here’s a little breakdown of what I put it with for today’s outfit.

Top: H&M

Necklace: Tatty Devine

Mac: Mango

Bag: M&S

Shoes: Clarks

Hope OWOP is shaping up well for you. I’ll be updating on Instagram every day and hoping to post here too. Can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing!


11 responses to “Auto-correct says WOOP! But It’s OWOP

  1. Ooh I love this! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s OWOP – maybe next year I’ll take part! How was the lace and crepe to cut out & sew? I’ve never sewed with either but imagine it could be a bit slippery & tricky?

    • I find crepe really good to work with actually, it stayed together OK. The lace was difficult – it’s got a slight stretch so had to be careful, lots and lots of pins, also taking it slowly as it can catch the needle quite easily. I try to use a new sharp one!

  2. Have the same prob with anything that goes round my neck, and criss-cross has worked well for me as an alternative. Hope you can adapt these straps without too much trouble, as the rest is lovely!

      • Whoops! Whilst in WP’s Reader I somehow went from your current post to your green halter from 2 yrs ago.

        Must have seen what I thought was the correct header but was the “you-might-also-be-interested-in this-because-my-software-algorhythm-sez-it’s-similar” section, which took me to your 2012 post about your green halter.

        Then got back into the current post, but with an entirely wrong comment. I do remember wondering why others were commenting about lace.

        Hope that explains. Please accept my humbly apologies.

        BTW, your lace dress is lovely.

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