To the maximum! With Gabriola

Ok, so I made this skirt over a month ago (which is why this might feel like deja vu if you follow me on Instagram). It was for a friend’s wedding, and I wanted something dramatic but wearable. Which is exactly how I’d describe Gabriola.

This is my first little shot at a Sewaholic pattern, and hot damn I’m glad I did! There’s been a total love-in for this pattern since it was released, and I totally, totally get it.

I got advice from the great lady who runs Gold Thimble, just down the road, about what to use. I just knew I wanted a properly vibrant red, and she suggested this linen blend which has the most gorgeous weight and feel.

Sewaholic Gabriola skirt red linen Queen's Park Glasgow

Steps are required to show the drama of the length.

I love the construction of Gabriola – the shaping around the hips is so flattering, even with a tummy like mine. I have all sorts of thoughts about making more, in particular I’d love one in super slinky black. Aaand I want to experiment with a kind of mid-length one.

Here’s how mines looks inside. I just serged the edges and it seems to be holding quite nicely.

Sewaholic Gabriola skirt red linen

However, what kinda sucked was that, even though I did pre-wash the fabric (and that is super-disciplined for me!) I could tell something felt a bit weird about the waistline. It had nothing to do with the actual pattern; I think this fabric was just dying to have a wee stretch, so after a test wear (and even with interfacing) the waistband kinda pulled out a bit and I had to sneak in some extra seams to correct it.

Sewaholic Gabriola skirt red linen

Sewaholic Gabriola skirt red linen

My test run was out and about with a lovely group of ladies I volunteer with once a month. I’m a driver for a charity called Contact the Elderly and we visit different museums in Glasgow. That particular month, we were out at House for an Art Lover, which is a pretty interesting place. Basically it was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife, Margaret MacDonald in 1901, but never built. Then, in 1989 a Mackintosh fan and civil engineer, Graham Roxburgh, convinced people that it should really be done.

It’s pretty amazing to walk through and think, it’s exactly what they’d have wanted, but they never got to see it. And to realise how advanced and creative their ideas were for the time.

Anyway while we were there we took some pics!

House for an Art Lover Glasgow

House for an Art Lover Glasgow

Sewaholic Gabriola red linen at House for an Art Lover

This is not my bag. BTW.

House for an Art Lover with Contact the Elderly

‘That’s my old lady.’

Sewaholic Gabriola skirt red linen Queen's Park Glasgow

First one to sing ‘Lady in Red’ gets ejected, tho. 

Have you tried Gabriola? What did you think? Are you in love too? And what other Sewaholic goodness do you love?

Next up for me…? I’ve just had a bit of a fabric binge, so I’ve got some mad, but amazing, Alexander Henry Lucha Libre print to work on, some neon yellow chiffon, some teal crepe-back satin, some electric blue lace and some mad silvery knit stuff to work on. Should keep me going for a while.

I also just caught up with some blog reading to find that OWOP is coming. Which is exciting. I am trying to decide what pattern I’m using, but I am all in. Go sign up!

Just for fun here’s one more shot, from the wedding 🙂 

Craig and I in Maxwell park


15 responses to “To the maximum! With Gabriola

  1. Your post makes me wish I could sew! That skirt looks amazing on you. Love that you paired it with animal print top. Looks fierce.

  2. I just finished the hem on my gabriola last night, even though I sewed the rest up about 3 months ago. And yes, I love it and I want about a million. I need more semi-fancy events in my life to wear it to!

    As soon as I finished the hem, I started day dreaming about one in red and then you post this! It looks lovely on you!

  3. I love this skirt and both ways you’ve styled it! I’ve got some red crepe I was swithering about using for a dress for a wedding & you’ve just decided me – red it is!

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