Holding out for a hero

I’ve never much got involved in the whole cake/frosting debate, because for me sewing – and the clothes I fall in love with in general – are ALL ABOUT the frosting. Or icing, as we say in Scotland. With a cherry on top.

Basics are something I’m never really interested in, and when I’m buying patterns my head is always turned by dresses, skirts and anything I can picture twirling around. It’s the same buying ready to wear clothes; as I recently said to my beloved bestie, I find it hard to focus on buying plain tops and usually end up leaving the shop with some sort of mainly useless, but very pretty sequined or beaded affair.

Despite my top boredom/aversion, I do actually need some decent ones in my wardrobe, especially if it means having a little more variety for work wear. So in an effort to crack down on my leftover stash, I barrelled in before Me Made May thinking it would help me meet my no-repeat target and bump up my wardrobe. I thought they’d be ok, but I wouldn’t be too fussed – so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be my total hero pattern the month.

New Look top pattern 6754
New Look 6754. I have had this pattern for years. I’ve made it up a couple of times but I was never particularly fussed about it. Turns out I just needed to lop a good chunk off the bottom and there it was, the perfect top to line up with my high-waisted pencil and full skirt collection! I love how easy it is to make, and how it looks, and how its super-simple style shows off the fabric.

Liberty print fabric cutting out a pattern

Depending on how much fabric there is, you can have big sleeves, wee sleeves, no sleeves. So… I made six of ’em.

New Look top pattern 6754 leopard, feathered, velvet polka dot, liberty print, abstract and floral print

This turquoise viscose is left over from my Great Gatsby dress and in all honesty it’s absolutely horrible to sew with. It looks gorgeous, but it is annoyingly stretchy-slippy. I got this feather trim in a remnants bag for £1, bonus! It was a good practice because I’m planning on buying more of this trim for a feathered skirt. While I didn’t wear it in MMM I wore it immediately before, and it’s a lot of fun if a little overdramatic.

Feathered New Look 6754 crop top pattern

I’m finding it difficult to throw out even a scrap of this jewel print. I’ve still got little bits and pieces left but now officially not enough to actually make anything substantial.

Liberty print fabric cutting out a pattern

This leopard-print is leftovers from a dress and I can’t believe it took me so long to make it into something extra as well. So much fun to wear.

New Look top pattern 6754 leopard crop top

This floral print was a wincy wee leftover from a Butterick dress I made a few years ago – it made a great wee summery top for my holidays.

New Look top pattern 6754 flowered crop top

This is the only one I’ve not yet worn (because I hadn’t had time to finish it off properly until this week. The fabric is the leftovers from my Christmas circle skirt.

New Look top pattern 6754 in sheer spotted velvet

As I think I mentioned in my roundups, I am mad for this abstract-print tshirt, from leftovers from my bow dress.

New Look top pattern 6754 in abstract print

So. Let me never put a downer on a plain-looking pattern again. Let me stop being such a top snob. And let me keep finding awesome remnants to make more tops from! As with most sewing, the fabric makes all the difference and, given all of these were already fabrics I loved, I shouldn’t have been so surprised at how much I’d like these tops.

Have you ever had a pattern which you didn’t give much of a chance at first, which eventually worked just right?

Liberty print fabric cutting out a pattern Big G Glasgow Commonwealth Games


15 responses to “Holding out for a hero

  1. Six! Impressive! And that green one is sooooo cool with the feathers added. Love all your fabrics…especially that abstract print!

  2. I have this pattern too, but haven’t made anything from it. About how much did you chop off the pattern?

    • Each top is a slightly different length but I chopped at first about an inch below the triangle markers. I was quite cautious with the lengths and added a good inch or so below that to allow for hemming. Some I then cut shorter on the overlocker again and for example the abstract tshirt I redrafted the bottom so it was longer again. Mainly just playing around and having fun with it 🙂

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