Looks like we made it! The second half of me-made-may

YOU GUYS. It’s May 31! I’m doing a little jig.

What a great month. I’m super happy that I managed to just scrape in with no repeats this year. It feels like my self-stitched wardrobe has leapt forward since even last May; there have been some changes and some things that don’t fit or aren’t my current style or whatever.

Before I do my final rundown I want to say a big thank you to Zoe and to everyone who took part this year. Far and away the best thing for me about the whole Me Made May experience is the inspiration. Every day I flick through Instagram and Flickr and have a full on window-shop at all the patterns and fabrics you’re all using and it fills my little head with ideas and excitement.

Here’s what I was wearing in the second half of the month:

ME Made May 14 collage 2.2 with vintage patterns, famous frocks, comic book dress, Clueless plaid dress

  • Day 19: Clueless plaid two-piece dress
  • Day 18: Comic book dress: A definite favourite of mine. The bit which says TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE and Rick from Casablanca are the things which made me choose this fabric. I asked folks on Flickr and Instagram what they’d do with the remaining 1.5+ metres… Any ideas?
  • Day 21: Duck egg skirt
  • Day 22: Famous Frocks Farah Fawcett wrap dress
  • Day 29: Linton Tweeds black shorts. I don’t like these shorts much. These were the only things I didn’t really enjoy wearing

Me Made May day 17 lace cut-out top shu uemura false eyelashes

I was nuts for these lashes which has given me warm feelings towards Day 17. They’re Shu Uemura. I’m so going back for more. This lace top is very old – in fact it started life as a sixties-ish swing dress. My body was not made for swing dresses – I need some waistage. So I chopped it but did so along some of the lace pattern around the bottom and the arms and now I use it to overlay with things like this Monsoon dress.

Collage of Me Made May outfits, including circle skirt, By Hand London Elisalex and vintage patterns

And finally the last couple of days, I’ve been wearing two things that I made last week when I finally got round to using the last of my bargain Linton Tweeds buys from all the way back last year.

On Friday in the spirit of theme Friday, which was Your Stash of Fabrics (holy heck some of the piles you guys have are incredible. I am incredibly jealous, but also storing the pics to show Mr OC with the caption ‘SEE? I’m not that bad at all!’) I wanted to wear the tweed and also finally eke the last out of my beloved Liberty jewelled fabric.

Me Made May 14 day 30 a Kwik Sew patterns skirt and New Look patterns top in Liberty jewel print Glasgow 2014 The Big G George Square

The skirt is a Kwik Sew pattern – I used the version with pockets for my Clueless outfit above, this is the straight version. The tweed gives it a nice retro feel (tho as you can see it wrinkles after a day at work). The top is the aforementioned hero pattern which I’m gonna post about in a couple days.

For my final day, I saved what I’d made with the rest of the tweed – another cape. I’m mad for capes – this is my third. I just felt like the colour and weight of the fabric would set off the pattern and I’m pretty pleased with it.

Linton Tweeds turquoise cape Me Made May 14

Dang! Needs a wee press round the hem!

Here’s what it looks like from the front. Who knows what I’m looking at – we were at a kinda festival through the shops on one street in the east end of Glasgow:

Linton Tweeds turquoise cape


And that, my friends, is that. The whole shebang has made me think about what I’m making next. If you took part, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. The only downsides? The phototaking gets relentless, and I haven’t actually sat down and had a good read at any blogs all month because I’ve been so busy snooping Instagram and Flickr.

Next up for me (and I am itching with excitement about it) is the Sewaholic Gabriola maxi skirt in a gorgeous drapey red fabric. There are so many awesome versions kicking about that I’m totally inspired. Fabric is pre-washed and ready to rock. Let’s do this!


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