On Wednesdays, we wear pink

I’m into the #sewcialists idea of sewing a rainbow, but I haven’t yet actually joined in. However, this month aligned beautifully with a few things – sewing plans in place, one of my favourite colours and finally, a really super easy title for this post because this month marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Mean Girls. It’s all coming together guys.

I’d originally planned to use this Amy Butler fabric for the shift dress sewalong – but after muslin-ing the shift dress, it just wasn’t quite happening for me. Bah.

So the fabric was just hanging around dejectedly, until I spotted chat about #pinkapril, and it just seemed like the right time to use it.

Instead of making a dress, though, I used two separate patterns to make a skirt and crop top – which kinda looks like a dress. I made this a week or so ago and, in that time, I’ve spotted a few crop tops around the blogs – so I guess that’s another piece of good timing.

Crop top and skirt made from Amy Butler pink Soul Blossoms fabric

Now, one thing that I’m pretty pleased with is that despite being not actually connected, the fairly decent pattern matching makes it look dress-like so that the separates element is hopefully a cute surprise.

Simplicity 5235 vintage pattern and New Look 6754 pattern I used a top pattern which I’ve had for years (New Look 6754) and the bottom half of a vintage dress pattern (still milking the Glasgow meet-up stash), Simplicity 5236. I’ve also recently made the actual dress – which is how I knew I’d like to frankenstein it to make just a skirt. It’s just a nice little flattering pattern. More on that in coming days.

Crop top and skirt made from Amy Butler pink Soul Blossoms fabric

Here’s how the crop looks close up. I stretch up, one might get a sneaky glimpse of my tattoo! But in general it sits nicely just over the waistband.

Crop top and skirt made from Amy Butler pink Soul Blossoms fabric Mondrian Wall

Ridiculous face I will make whenever I point out that it’s separates

Inside, there’s something which I’m not mad pleased about but it’s due to my own laziness. Yeah, I had black overlocker thread in and you cannot see it at all from the outside, but it means the inside doesn’t look quite as sweet.

Top and skirt made from Amy Butler pink Soul Blossoms fabric

I wore this first at the weekend when we went for a wee stay at Dunblane Hydro – and had plans to get some proper pics taken there, taking along our good camera. Took it out of the bag annnnd… no memory card. Oops.

We did take a classic tourist selfie with the gold post box which marks Andy Murray’s Olympic gold medal tho (you might just see the bias binding peeking over my mac). My mum’s a Murray mega-fan so was most pleased when we texted it to her.

Gold postbox in Dunblane to celebrate Andy Murray win

Since I last posted, of course, this happened:


YEAH BUDDY! I’m feeling pretty excited about MMM this year. I think on average I probably wear me-made clothes two to three times a week at this stage, so this is getting easier for me year on year. But it’s definitely still going to be a challenge to do so each day – especially as I’ll be on holiday in Spain for the first week and a half (I’m going to attempt a beach cover-up in the next few days to cater for this). Anyway, let’s make it official:

 ‘I, Elaine of What Diana Did Next, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear at least one me made item each day for the duration of May 2014.’


4 responses to “On Wednesdays, we wear pink

  1. Oh I love this! Yes, I’ve seen quite a few crop tops on he blogs and on magazines, so you are definitely “on trend”. I love the surprise element of yours though! So pretty!

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