Hello, Dolly! Or, Aloha Elisalex?

In all honesty, I’m not the kind of person who’d normally want to try and dress like someone else. However – as I’m sure you other sewcialists agree – Dolly Clackett could be a special case. Although I don’t know Roisin personally I love following her latest creations and the way she writes. And what a lovely thought from fellow bloggers to celebrate her wedding. I am loving all of the gorgeous dresses showing up on the Flickr group. The whole thing just makes me smile.

Plus, we share an affinity for bold prints, fit and flare dresses (if the contest had been open to existing makes, I reckon I’ve got at least four or five which class as Clackett-esque enough to enter), and Melissa/Vivienne Westwood/Irregular Choice shoes. So while I’m joining in this sew-along with glee, I’m also making something which is naturally my own style too.

This also gave me an excuse to try my second shot at a By Hand London Elisalex after my jewels-on-jewels dress and I found it super easy this time around. The fabric I fell in love with instantly, and knew it would be perfect for this challenge. Super bright in some of my favourite colours, and with the big bold print feels #sewdollyclackett to me.

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

I changed a couple of things about the pattern. rather than line it, I used bias binding to finish off the neckline, as well as the sleeves and hem. I felt like it would look nice to have a solid rounding off the dress.

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

It might sound surprising but I’ve never actually used binding before. It could be that this is all wrong, but I like the way it looks!

As well as lengthening the bodice, I also took a good few inches off the hem so that the skirt sits above my knee. I love the length in my other Elisalex but I thought with such a bold print and the sleeves raising the hemline further would look nicer. Plus again I put in a regular zip and not one the full length of the dress.

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

With this kind of print, it was too much hassle and not necessarily worth it to do too much in the way of pattern matching, but I am pleased that the water lines stay around the same level all the way around – I think it makes the dress look a little less random.

Another little alteration I had to make again (and I’m not quite sure how to prevent this in future) was a gaping at the back. I’ve put darts in at the neckline so that it sits smooth and flat, but I can’t quite figure out why this is happening with this pattern in particular. I also added a mega black button but you can’t see it too clearly.

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

Inside, I overlocked all of my seams to keep things neat and tidy. And of course added that all-important label (such a lovely finishing touch).

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

All in all, so much fun. This only took me a few hours in total, and I loved making this version. Congrats to the about-to-be-weds and, if you’re #sewdollyclacket yourself, you can still enter until April 23.

I wore the dress to work today, and I got the Mr to snap a few pics of how it looks on. Given the sewalong, pics beside some kind of doorway seemed pertinent.

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

Can I just say, I’m really pleased that I without actually meaning to ended up with blossom sleeve on the side of blossom bodice, and palm tree sleeve on the side of palm tree bodice!

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

Anyway, you know I said above these are some of my favourite colours? I realised that my outfit actually matched me to my living room…

By Hand London Elisalex in Aloha Hawaii printed cotton

Up next is more By Hand London! My Flora dress pattern arrived just in time as the sewalong starts on Tuesday. I can’t promise I will be able to resist playing with the pattern before then.


19 responses to “Hello, Dolly! Or, Aloha Elisalex?

  1. I love your fabric choice & perfect paired with the elisalex! I knew I wouldn’t have time to take part in the dolly clackett sewalong but I’m loving seeing everyone’s creations! Where did you get that fabric?

    • Thanks! I got it in Remnant Kings here in Glasgow, but since buying it have also spotted it on Fabric Godmother if you’re looking online 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ve had a nosey at yours too and especially love your entry with the dancers on the fabric 🙂 one of the best things about a sew along like this is that I always find lots of new blogs to follow.

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