Spots, but definitely no matching trousers

I’m too late for the Sew Grateful party I know, but I had this dress in the works and didn’t have time to finish it until the weekend. I’m Sew Grateful in spirit if nothing else! I really enjoyed reading through everyone’s posts.

Here in Glasgow it’s finally starting to feel a bit like spring, although I am having that swooping ‘How can it possibly be March already?!’ feeling a little bit. How better to perk myself up than make a dress that’s perfectly springy?

First off I should say, this fabric was an absolute bargain. While I try to forget this (in order to save my wallet) I live right along the street from a sweet little fabric shop called Gold Thimble. It’s always a fun place to visit with very friendly people and some really lovely stuff. This cotton silk was £5 (£5!!!) a metre – reduced in the sale – and a total pleasure to work with.

This pattern came out of the swap from the Glasgow meet-up (I’m going to be milking that for a while as got such lovely stuff!) and I believe it was from Debi‘s stash.

McCall's 2584 vintage 70s pattern

It’s a 70s pattern, McCalls 2584, and while I can safely say that I won’t be sewing up the matching pants anytime soon, I really enjoyed making this. It was simple and quick – I made a muslin from the lining fabric and away I went.

The one thing I would say (which might be fairly obvious) is that maybe these polka dots weren’t the most sensible choice for a pattern with a front centre seam. That seam does its work to make the dress kick out and sit really nicely but perhaps a solid colour would have been better? I don’t particularly mind, though, because I still LOVE the end result.

McCalls 2584 vintage pattern in polka dot cotton silk

I’m pretty happy with the finish of this dress. Because the fabric is so light, it wouldn’t be forgiving of anything too messy underneath so I was careful with the lining. Ignore the wrinkles, though:

McCalls 2584 vintage pattern in polka dot cotton silk lining detail

I left the sleeves unlined to keep them light and even made my armholes nice and neat:

McCalls 2584 vintage pattern in polka dot cotton silk sleeve lining detail

Here’s how the dress looks on… I got this bow in the Accessorize sale. I like it so much that I don’t even care too much that it makes my hair stick out all askew, like a young Josh Hartnett.  Also, It’s a testament to how much I like the way this dress sits that I haven’t even added a belt.

McCalls 2584 vintage pattern in polka dot cotton silk

I ended up cutting about 2-3 inches off the length, because I think with a high neck like this it looked too matronly down at knee length.

McCalls 2584 vintage pattern in polka dot cotton silk EXPEDIT bookcase

I thought about adding a collar or some embellishment to that neck line but I can’t quite decide. I think a wee collar would look cute, or a big bow or rosette. But I’ve tried with some of the remnants of the spotty fabric and it just doesn’t look quite right. I think if I do, I’ll use some plain black fabric to create something and make it so that it can be pinned on, rather than stitching it on so that there’s still options.

All in though, I will definitely be making some variation of this pattern again (still not the pants) in a solid colour. It’s so simple but just so nice to use and I love that flippy-skirted look.

Now, a confession. There’s no trousers in this post for two reasons. The other is that I had a total make meltdown. February’s Monthly Stitch challenge was smarty pants, and I got Megan Nielsen’s gorgeous Tania culottes to make. However. Something just wasn’t working in this for me – and it wasn’t the pattern’s fault. I just didn’t spend enough time getting the fit right which resulted in an unintended low-rise effect which, by the way, does NOT suit this. SADFACE. I will try again, take more time and properly fit these because the actual culottey-ness of them was really working, just not the waist and so on. So here’s what you end up with otherwise:

Pile of teal fabric

A big ol’ pile of nothing. Bah.


5 responses to “Spots, but definitely no matching trousers

  1. Your dress is lovely and I don’t think it needs any embellishments. I can relate with the pants — I couldn’t get my fit right and punted to a pair of comfy yoga pants!

    Tania culottes were voted in as my pattern for March — now you have me nervous!

    • Thank Annie! No don’t fret – I just think I need to take a bit longer and make a proper muslin and I was rushing it a bit. It’s not so much the pattern as my own folly 🙂

  2. Very pretty, I like it! I see what you are saying about the front centre seam and spots when the dress is on the mannequin. However, when it’s on you, it looks perfect, I think your curves help to make the spots seam not noticeable.

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