A great Glasgow afternoon and jewels on jewels

First off, let me jump back to the weekend! I had a ball hanging out with some other lovely sewing bloggers in Glasgow on Saturday thanks to the meet up that Kerry organised.

We enjoyed having a good rummage through Mandors and a chance to chat fabric over tea and cake at The Butterfly and Pig.

Having tea at the Butterfly and Pig Glasgow

Here we are having tea (clockwise from top and click through to blogs: Kerry, Franca, Helen, Debi, Nessa, Katy, Elise, Katy, Alison and me!)

As well as having a great big bunch of buddies to chat through fabric selection with at Mandors we also had the lovely Hazel to help us out when we were shopping. Although I’ve often asked her for help as a customer in the past, it was nice to meet her more properly.

We had a show and tell of what we’d bought while having our tea. I can’t wait to see what happens with some of the fabrics the others picked out.

Tea and patterns and fabric at the Butterfly and pig, Glasgow

I only had a couple of patterns to bring along to the swap, but the generous donations meant I skipped off with a lovely batch of patterns. In Mandors I also picked up a digital print jersey I’ve had my eye on for AGES which was in the sale (and a plain jade polyester crepe too):

Butterick, Vogue, Simplicity, McCalls vintage patterns and digital print jersey fabric

I’ve not yet decided what to do with it, but I’m looking forward to cracking on.

As well as getting a chance to chat about fabrics and patterns with like-minded lassies, I also enjoyed hearing more about things I don’t know about. I’m neither a quilter or a knitter, but finding out a bit more about those things was really interesting; there’s so much happening in this creative community. It’s also introduced me to a few new blogs as well which is always fun.

Thanks very much to all the lovely sewists who came along and especially to Kerry for organising the whole shebang!

My week since has gone: SUPERBOWLLLL! Work! Aberdeen! Inverness! Glasgow! Waaah! Until tonight when I’m tapping away while watching Question Time on the other screen.

I also found a bit of time during the Superbowl to finish off my first By Hand London Elisalex.

I used the dreamy jewelled Liberty fabric I got at Mandors. Never being a believer in ‘too much’, my magpie’s eye spotted a bunch of sew on jewels in Remnant Kings a few weeks ago and I scooped them up to add on to the bodice. I’m also planning to wear it with this jewelled Crown and Glory headband which my besties gave me recently. See, this is what I mean by never too much.

By Hand London Elisalex in Liberty Art Fabric and Crown and Glory headband

Slightly modified By Hand London Elisalex dress full shot Liberty Art FabricsNow, you may well clock that this isn’t quite the same as the design from the packet. I loved the pattern and found it easy to follow, but something about this fabric didn’t want to quite fit with the pattern and my shape in the bodice; so I did a bit of refitting and fiddling about. I also think I should maybe have used a cotton lining which may have moved better with the fabric itself – which I had considered buying but the one I’d had before for the muslin had stretched out of shape in use so I was wary.

Another change I made was to use an invisible zip and sew it in rather than the exposed zipper.

What I LOVE about Elisalex is the skirt, though. I shortened it a little and think I may need to compensate by sloping the sides in a little sharper to regain the gorgeous shape of the pattern, however it’s still I think sitting quite nicely. I don’t feel this is the most flattering pic of me unfortunately, but perhaps I can get another one a little nicer.

It is a bit hilarious that I’ve finally gotten round to this dress while the Georgia sewalong is going on, but there you go.

Next up: although I made a muslin for the Shift Dress Sewalong, I got distracted by the jewels and have yet to make one up. One day, soon! But I am likely to get again distracted by the new jersey…


14 responses to “A great Glasgow afternoon and jewels on jewels

  1. That fabric is brilliant & although you might not be so happy with the type of lining you used the color looks fab with your dress. I love the addition of the jewels too – definitely not too much!

    • Thanks! I do love a bright lining. My mum thinks it’s funny as she would always do it something like white or cream to tone in but I like to have a secret shouty lining inside!

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