Getting in gear for a new year

Happy new year! I can’t believe it’s already 2014. 2013 went by in a flash and I had a great time, so I’m hoping for another good one. This is going to be an exciting year here in Scotland, as there’s quite a lot going on. At the moment I’m recovering from the night before, which was brilliant, but tiring…

I’ve had a great couple of weeks off work, lots of celebrating with friends and family and am feeling very content. </smug>

I made my wee mum and dad a table runner for Christmas day as part of their present. We had a big family meal at their house. I found this incredibly festive fabric in Remnant Kings here in Glasgow about a week before. You can’t go wrong with gold, red and green at Christmas!

Unfortunately because I was helping make the dinner, I didn’t have a chance to get a pic when it was all nicely laid out! However, here’s very late on Christmas night after the clear up had begun.

Homemade Christmas table runner

I think as a homemade gift option, table runners look lovely but are pretty easy to put together well (just a couple of big long rectangles) and my mum was pleased, so that’s the main goal achieved!

I managed to finish up my duck-egg McCall’s 9116 60s skirt before Christmas, and wore it along with this sparkly jumper from the Topshop sale to our traditional pre-Christmas gathering with lovely lovely friends.

McCall’s 9116 in blue crepe with Topshop jumper

Once I got cracking, the pattern was no real hassle and I will definitely use it again.

I lined the skirt in the same colour but the closest zip I could get was this pale grey. I think it works ok. To add a wee bit extra I put on a tab which goes across the waistband with a trouser fastener. The pattern does this with the actual waistband, but I wanted to add the tab. I’m hoping it doesn’t look like a mistake as I quite like it on!

I also stitched round the waistband at the top and bottom to add a little more detail and to make it look nice and neat. I’m really pleased with how it worked out.

McCall’s 9116  in blue crepe

I’m going to go back and get more of this fabric to attempt the suit jacket from this pattern as well, which will give me a change to try some bound buttonholes. I also have a little left over which I’m going to use for a bow – as a badge or hair accessory.

I’ve been enjoying reading everyones top 5 hits and misses of 2013… In all honesty, I don’t really like writing such lists, though. As an alternative, here’s the first five things I’m planning to make this year:

  • Still on the list is red crepe from Mandors and New Look 6045, which is a Project Runway workroom pattern which I won in the Sew Exhausted giveaway. It’s ready to go, so hopefully I’ll have time this weekend.
  • Simplicity 3833 in as-yet-unpicked-fabric. Rosie Wednesday recently announced the shift dress sewalong and I’ve always wanted to try this pattern. Check out the full details here:

Simplicity 3833 Sew Along

  • Stashbusting tops – again, another thing that’s been on my list for a while 🙂
  • Elisalex dress… I’ve finally ordered this pattern, because I saw some perfect fabric for it – although I’ve not had a chance to buy it yet!
  • Something to help me master a new skill, a la January’s Monthly Stitch challenge – although I’m not quite sure what…

Hope you’re looking forward to 2014!


5 responses to “Getting in gear for a new year

  1. Happy new year! Your skirt looks lovely, the top stitching you added makes it look really neat and finished. I like the sound of your 5 projects. An exciting year for Scotland next year! Really wish I got a vote but it makes sense that it’s only folk who live there that get to vote, even though I’d love a say in what happens to my home country!

    • Thanks Kathryn, looking forward to getting cracking. It’s definitely going to be an interesting 2014. I know plenty of Scots in the same boat as you who would like to be part of the decision – I understand why they had to cut it off somewhere and probably that’s the most logical point. But, especially with people who live in other parts of the UK currently, it must be difficult.

  2. Happy new year to you too, and I also think your duck egg blue skirt looks lovely – very classy! Table runners actually sound do-able as a sewn gift – and I’m sure very much appreciated.

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