Sneak peek: duckies and duck egg

Tonight I’ve been doing some cutting and pinning. As I wrote previously, I couldn’t resist picking up this gorgeous duck egg blue crepe up on a recent trip to Mandors in Glasgow.

I only bought a metre, with the idea of sewing up a little skirt. I love the thought of this colour in winter with grey or cream and light pink, and wooly tights. So I wanted to sew it up before Christmas comes!

Collage of cutting out McCall's 9116 Skirt pattern

I’m using the suit from a vintage suit pattern, McCall’s 9116. I love the little jacket and the bow belt as well, and might well get enough fabric to make a matching jacket (although in the pinning, it proved a little springy which may not be ideal for that).

So far I’ve cut it out and pinned the fronts and backs together, but I need some interfacing before I can get it finished.

At the weekend I went to visit an old friend in London. This pic is from 10 years ago, and I spotted it in her spare room while  we had a special weekend to celebrate both of our 30th birthdays this year.

We went for a walk in Regent’s Park, and in London there was some beautiful, crisp winter sunshine. And ducks! We also went to a gig, for a fancy afternoon tea, and quite a few pints. I didn’t manage to do any fabric buying because I’m holding out until after Christmas. Maybe next time I’ll finally make it to Goldhawk Road…

Ducks, us, shard and jaxxFinally, exciting! There’s a Christmas special of the Great British Sewing Bee on this weekend… looking forward to tuning in.



6 responses to “Sneak peek: duckies and duck egg

  1. I love that pattern – looking forward to seeing your finished skirt.
    And thanks for mentioning the GBSB Christmas special – that had completely passed me by, so I must go now and set it to record…

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