A circle skirt for rockin’ around the Christmas tree

It’s a strange St Andrew’s day here in Glasgow. On Friday night, there was a horrible accident where a helicopter crashed into the roof of a pub; it was terrible to see this happening in my city. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the people involved and their families. This has nothing to do with what I’m writing below. However, I’d already put this time aside to do a bit of blogging, andΒ it seemed odd to not mention it. All good wishes and hope with the people affected and the amazing rescue and recovery teams dealing with the emergency. Β 

I had to get a bit of an early start on my Christmas makes this year as we have our work Christmas night out next Friday. Happily, this make fits nicely under The Monthly Stitch December challenge, Tis the season to… PARTY!

New Look patterns Project Runway 6056

As I posted previously, I recently got my hands on some divine sheer velvet-spotted fabric from John Lewis and a nice little circle skirt pattern. Christmas party look in the bag.

The pattern I used was New Look 6056, which is one of the Project Runway patterns. How simple and easy do you want a pattern to be? Two pieces: skirt front and back, and a waistband. In total it took me about two and a half hours including pinning and sewing that mega-hem. Can’t complain at all.

I’m almost definitely going to make a shorter, flippy version in the duck-egg blue crepe I picked up recently.

Anyway, here’s how it came out! (Let’s note first if I was to change something, it would be the peculiar line-up of the waistband dots! Oops)

Full view of New Look 6056 made up in sheer velvet-spotted fabric

As the fabric is sheer, I used plain black lining fabric from Mandors and overlocked all my seams to keep things as neat as possible. There’s a side zip, and a little lapped waistband closure. As always with a circle skirt, there was miles of hemming to do.

Close up of New Look 6056 in velvet spotted sheer fabric

Here’s how I’m gonna style it for the Christmas do:

Dressed in New Look 6056 circle skirt and Forever 21 sequinned top

I going to make some tops to go with this (especially as I got too much fabric and I have enough left of the spots to make a top, too), but in the next week I just won’t have time. This (sequined, natch) crop top is from Forever 21, and I’m still deciding whether there’s enough coverage between that and the high waist to get away with it. I’ll most likely stick a black vest on underneath.

The headband is from Accessorize. I was excited when, days after I first spotted it, one of my besties Miss West End Girl also picked it out on her blog. Same page.

And yeah, after maybe five or so years as a redhead, I went blonde. Like, way blonde.

Collage of sequined Forever 21 top, velvet spots and Accessorize headband

This for me is a quick, easy and recommended make. And you guys all know what the best thing about a circle skirt is, don’t you?

Twirling in circle skirt New Look 6056

Not sure why my fists look like boxing.

Finally, I’m excited that awesome blogger Kestrel Makes is organising a wee sewcialist meet-up in Glasgow next year. If you’re in the vicinity, leave a wee note on her page so that you’ll get the details.


15 responses to “A circle skirt for rockin’ around the Christmas tree

    • Thanks Laurie! Yeah, I was pretty pleased to get my hands on it πŸ™‚ It was really nice to work with too, I hadn’t been sure how it would go through the machine but it was great.

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  2. Ah this makes me want to make a circle skirt even more! For some reason I’ve never taken the step to try them. I love the fabric, though it’s a shame you had to double up on the mammoth hemming

    • I really like the way they sit, and the twirling. The hemming does take some time, and I am impatient πŸ™‚ But it’s worth it when it sits nicely!

  3. You look so pretty. The fabric is spectacular!!!

    Accidents like the one you shared, are quite painful…praying for healing for all involved.

    • Thanks Maria. There’s still unfortunately sad news coming from what happened on Friday, but there’s a lot of resilience in the city and people who want to help which is good to see.

  4. Fantastic festive skirt! And is it a tiny bit odd that I first thought you were paying homage to 50 years of the Daleks? (in a good way!) I love the two layers and the awesomeness of the twirl πŸ˜‰

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