Taking stock and making plans

If I’m honest, I am not the most grown-up of grown-ups when it comes to tidying up. This is pretty unfortunate for my dear beloved as he’s actually quite a neat chap.

Since moving into our own flat last year, I’ve been lucky enough to have my own sewing room (ahem sorry, spare room that I sew in) but recently it’s been in a bit of a tip. Not only that, but with fabric scraps, patterns, odds and ends of projects, and the fact that I accidentally knocked over my sewing box like three times in the past month or so and kept dropping pins, made everything the worse. Finally, I’ve always been super jealous of seeing the lovely ways other people organise their own sewing spaces – there are some really nice ideas out there.

My first step is sorting out my patterns.

all the patterns collage1I learned that I have a heap of dress patterns, not quite so many other kinds of patterns. And I had tons of little bits of patterns which I hadn’t quite managed to stuff in their envelopes – so I put each in a polypocket which let me make sure all of the pieces were together. GEEK. But actually, I’m going to be even more of a geek and buy folders in which to file the polypockets so that I can easily browse through them. Bit by bit, I’ll become more organised…

The good bit about sorting all of my stuff out is that I finally started actually planning some of the things I’d previously thought about in my head. So here’s what I’ll be getting up to in the next little while:

I’ve actually only got a few different top patterns, but I have enough of each of these fabrics to make a top from (and I really need more tops):

top fabrics4I got an early Christmas present from my mum, which is this circle skirt pattern and sheer fabric with huge velvet polka dots. I also still have turquoise fabric left from a trip to Linton Tweeds a few months ago – which I’m planning for the Jackie O dress from Famous Frocks.

jackie o and circle skirt3I had an accidental fabric splurge in Mandors this week while looking for lining to go under the velvet spotty fabric. I fell for this gorgeous duck egg blue crepe. It doesn’t quite show up in photographs, but it is like a dream in fabric form – light and elegant. I also love the idea of light blue for winter, with silvery grey jumpers and cardigans, white tights and a cosy grey knitted hat and scarf.

I’ll be using the skirt of this vintage suit pattern with it, and depending on how I get on I might go back for more to try out the jacket too.

red and duck egg choices collage2I also got some lovely red crepe – again, the photo doesn’t really do it justice – but I’m currently weighing up whether to make it into a shirt dress or this project runway pattern. It flows beautifully and I think it would suit either – and I’d also like to get it made for Christmas time as well, as it’s such a festive red.

So when am I going to do all of this? Well, luckily I have two weeks off over Christmas… But the velvet spots I’m hoping to wear to my work Christmas night out. So we’ll see 🙂

What are you planning lately?


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