Taking a bow. That’s bow like oh, not bow like ow.

Hey ya. So I did a little teaser post a few weeks ago of a dress I was working on. However, it has taken me this long to get it actually finished! Why? Well… travels, fun time at home, general laziness.

We popped down to London where I got to visit Liberty (I oohed and aahed at the fabrics, but didn’t end up buying anything); and the National Gallery where there was an exhibition by one of my favourite British artists, Michael Landry (not to mention getting a quick jaunt round some of the other treasures like the Turners and Titians).

The real reason we headed down there was because the San Francisco 49ers were playing the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley. Thanks to my stateside family, I’ve been a niners fan since I was about three – even though I didn’t know what football was. The whole city was full of NFL fans and it was a pretty special afternoon!

london quartet

Back at home I enjoyed a few days off in the crisp Autumn sunshine, and a few gigs like Nick Cave at the Barrowlands (the most lovely venue in Glasgow).

Glasgow quartet

So. On to the dress.

I’ve had this sheer fabric for a few years – I bought it on impulse in a Mandors sale, where it was £2.99 a metre. I’ve still got just under a metre, which I’m hoping to make a top with.

What first attracted me was the mix of colours. I love blues, turquoises, jades, and greens, and black – so this was pretty much on to a winner. I also really like the abstract style of the print, and because of the rich colour against the black it kind of reminds me of some kind of stained glass also.

What stopped me from making something with it ages ago was a long fear of sheer fabrics which I’ve since gotten over (having an overlocker sure helps, though) and being extremely indecisive about whether to go for a maxi dress or not. After a lot of humming and hawing, I figured this would make a sweet dress and a good go-to for the upcoming party season.

I used Vintage Vogue 2902 for the skirt (which I’ve used before, most notably for my wedding dress) – but much shorter than I’ve ever made it so that it was flippy, and with a kind of tipped hem at the sides as well. I lined the whole thing with turquoise lining to help the colours really pop against the black.

new dress

For the top I used a block I’ve used in the past too, and just added a ridiculously large bow which I made simply by tacking on two big rectangles, slightly staggered, and wrapping a third rectangle round the middle for the bow effect. I do like a ridiculously large bow. I am a little concerned that I decided to leave it rough at the edges – time will tell on that, but I can always unpick if it gets too messy.

big bow

Despite my complete inability to knuckle down to it, this wasn’t actually a difficult make. I’ve just hit a bit of a winter lull to be honest!

Originally this was technically began for the October Monthly Stitch… it’s a little late to say the least 🙂

Finally, as I haven’t posted since then, I was delighted to win the Sew Exhausted giveaway a while back! I have three awesome patterns to work on, and I’m especially excited about one which has some super separates. Thanks Laurie! Hopefully I’ll have something to show for them soon.


5 responses to “Taking a bow. That’s bow like oh, not bow like ow.

  1. I love this! Awesome work on the sheer dress & topping it off with the bow – very cool. Nice work on getting down to it (says she with , hmm… a few concept ufos…)

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