I was just totally Clueless

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This post will contain stash-busting. Oh yeah.

A long time ago (like last Spring) I saw a thing about a sewalong called That’s Sew Cinematic.

Back then, while other people were inspired by the likes of Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, and other gorgeous starlets, I had nothing on my mind by Cher Horowitz.

While I take inspiration from a lot of Hollywood glamour (not that that’s entirely obvious often) I can’t resist the fashion pull of one of my favourite films: Clueless. I can pretty much guarantee that if you’re a girl of a certain age, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And you probably also have a crush on Paul Rudd which will never end as well. And you probably also laugh when people use the word ‘sporadically’.

So I’d had these plans and I even went out and bought this fabulous pink and grey plaid at the time.
sewing pattern
Brilliant, I thought, immediately thinking through a bunch of ideas which might quite work. Then, I ran out of any spare time whatsoever in my life and ended up making absolutely nothing. NOTHING. And in the stash this fabric sat, for months, years, gathering dust. Whatever.

UNTIL NOW, guys.

See a few weeks ago, while on holiday (and creepily just days after having a conversation about how we’d like to watch it on the big screen again) my best gal and I discovered that there would be a screening of Clueless at Fraser’s (a department store) in Glasgow. Tickets please! Suddenly the fabric came back into my mind and I decided it must be done in time for the screening.

Now, I had originally planned to make a plaid blazer from it – but early this year I actually bought a fabulous tartan jacket so I didn’t really need that any more.

What could it be? A dress? A skirt? I wanted something I’d get a lot of wear from, but that had a definite Cher-vibe all over tartany-plaid effect. But that didn’t look like it was actually from 1994.

Although 90s fashion is definitely coming back in a big way, I didn’t think I could pull off, or want to re-wear the kind of mini-kilt I actually had the first time round.

(As an aside I should say that I find it pretty depressing that the styles which were around when I was a teenager are now ‘retro’… It reminds me of a bit in Bridget Jones’ Diary

[in case you needed another 90s throwback which has come back] where she realises the shoes she’s trying on are the exact same style she had in school from Freeman Hardy Willis.)

What I wanted was a bit of a rethink of a similar style. I had this KwikSew pattern in my stash too, and I’d been waiting to see what I could use it with.

But I did also want something which looked a bit like a dress. So I did a bit of juggling around with a vintage pattern (Simplicity 6848) for a long-sleeved dress, lengthened the bottom of the bodice a little, and made a matching top.

Which ended up like this! I pulled up a bit of the top before taking this photo and it’s therefore sitting slightly off, but demonstrating the fact that they’re not actually joined.


And from the back…


Here are a few of the details.

Instead of putting a zip up the back – my original plan which was scuppered by the lack of open-ended grey zips available – I put in poppers, but I also stitched the top of the, eh, top closed which I think gives the neckline a bit of stability. I think doing it this way gives it a slightly more casual fit which was unintentional, but which I definitely like at the back.

I also dropped the neckline of the long-sleeved version as such a high neck (especially in such a busy pattern) just wouldn’t have worked on me.

The top is lined, but the skirt isn’t – I overlocked all the edges and faced it.

I am loving this skirt pattern, which I did with the pockets but which also has an option with no pockets and belt loops; it’s definitely getting made again at some point. I also, for the purposes of this outfit, shortened the skirt a lot – I think in another fabric a knee-length one would be fab.

plaid collage

And that’s it! Two pieces to wear together or apart. And only about 18 months after the initial challenge actually ended.

My next tasks: creating some similar separates from the turquoise Linton tweed I still have. And, if I can before the end of October, making a dress for the Monthly Stitch Frocktober challenge/in preparation for Christmas nights out.


9 responses to “I was just totally Clueless

  1. That is a FANTASTIC plaid.. Hiding in your stash no less… well done! Love Clueless… although I was a young mom in the 90’s I still remember some of the “culture.” ~Laurie

  2. That tartan is FAB! I’m glad you were able to make something suitable with it. Have you seen the film yet?
    I was intrigued by the idea of relying on poppers for the closure of the top. Given my dread of trying to make buttonholes, I might have to nick that idea, ahem, I mean, be inspired by your example.

    • Ah thanks Bea! We went to see the film last night. It was terrific as always. I think I know every line now.
      I think the poppers I was more confident because I knew I was sewing in the top part – I wouldn’t want the top to suddenly ping open 🙂
      My machine has an issue with buttonholes – the button hole stitch has never worked and I find I have to instead visit my obliging mother and use her machine if I’m making them! So this was also a partly-lazy solution for me.

  3. Haha, that’s so awesome! I’m inspired to look at some Cher clothing now. We did a study on teen films in my media studies class and we had to watch Clueless, and all the girls were so keen, the boys not so much!

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