Vintage, sequins and monthly magic

A little while ago I came across The Monthly Stitch. I love this idea, which if you haven’t heard is a different challenge every month (read all about it here).

September’s challenge was to use a vintage pattern, and it so happened I had a mini-stash of vintage patterns which I was waiting to use. One was the pattern I put a little pic of in my last post.

I’ve still to take a shot at making the jacket and skirt, but I did use the top pattern to make this.

sequin top 500

As with any one-size vintage patterns I had to do some changes to the sizing as I made it up.

There were another couple of modifications that I made. First off, I cropped the top. This was partly because of the amount of fabric I had left (this off white satin was the remainder for the cape I made a friend for her wedding) and partly because I thought it would look cute sitting just on the waistline of some of my skirts.

Second, I changed the neckline just to open it up a little. The very high neckline from the original pattern just didn’t feel comfortable or suitable for me. I also changed the buttons at the back to a zip with an overlap.

The biggest thing I did came by chance when walking through John Lewis to get a zip. That’s right…


I cannot resist them. So when I saw the pack of extra-big ones, stitch by stitch I fired those bad boys on there. I think it suits that 60s, vintage feel quite nicely.

That’s my first month done – now looking forward to the second, which is Frocktober. Can’t beat a good frock!


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