Falling for cotton and checking in

A very quick one just now… I’ve just spotted By Gum, By Golly and Lucky Lucille’s Fall for Cotton, which is a sewalong right up my alley. Using cotton, you sew up the pattern of your choice – whether it’s original vintage, vintage style, vintage inspired… Mmm. I’ve got some Mandors vouchers so I can pop in there and cotton myself up. If you want the info, it’s here:

I’ve done a couple of things sewing wise this week, after a little while out of it. I’m thinking a nice new collaborative thing will help me kick things off nicely. Also, I’ve got a pattern which has really frustrated me in its first iteration (I was trying to make a wearable muslin, but I’ve just ended up with a bit of a riot. The skirt of the dress is amazing, but the top is amazing in a very bad way). So maybe this is a chance to make another stab at that.

I’m also setting myself a couple of ideas about what to do on here. Being busy in work, I spend my days writing, editing, uploading and styling content; which makes it feel like more of a challenge to do the same at home. Blogging is always a strange balance when you work as a writer anyway, and while I’ve been reading away, I’ve not always felt like typing too. So I want to make it a little more fun for myself, and a bit more visual. That’s the plan anyway.

I’ve been doing not too much sewing, but did have a chance to float about Paris for a wee bit this summer, which was amazing and did give me a fair bit of inspiration. As a former Art History student, you can imagine my joy at the museums. Here’s a couple of little videos from two of my favourite parts, the Musee Rodin and the Stade de France.


4 responses to “Falling for cotton and checking in

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing your Fall for Cotton! what pattern are you using? You mentioned it and now my interest is peaked. I think this sew-a-long will be so much fun.

    • The one I’ve recently made a slightly dodgy muslin of is ButterickB5605, it’s one of their retro-styled dresses. I’ve had a bit of an issue with the seams on the bodice. So I might use that for fall for cotton- but I’m more inclined to try something totally different and have a break from it 🙂
      Looking forward to seeing the results – always exciting when it’s an open pattern choice.

  2. I like that pattern. I’ve had issues with others of the vintage Butterick myself, which is just such a shame cause they look so amazing. I always have to do major mods. I am waffling back and forth about what to do myself. part of me wants to just buy a pattern, but I’m thinking that I may drape one. We’ll see.

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