Me Made May…. Looks like we made it to the end

Phew. That felt like a long month! But geez, it was a lot of fun.

Over the last week I’ve had a big issue in actually managing to update things which I thought I might. But in the final week I wore:

Me made meltdown

Today I wore my new black tweed shorts, which I made from fabric I bought from Linton Tweeds, which I’m going to blog about soon. I’m quite pleased with them, but I’m not sure I got the length quite correct.

mmm13 31eo

My total winner outfit was my first, my black cowl neck jersey dress which I wore several times all through the month, including during a camping trip and a long car ride.

What surprised me most about the month was, the couple of things I could have mended, which I end up doing. That’s kind of shown me that I’ve moved on in the last couple of years in terms of what I’m making and wearing. At the same time, I wish I’d taken a little more time to fix or make new stuff as I still have a stash from the beginning of the month. I also completely failed to make my Gatsby challenge dress yet, which I was hoping to do over the month. The Scottish weather also played its own special part in the selection of outfits.

Over the month, I’ve seen a lot of amazing images so I wanted to take some time to go back through my favourites from the Flickr group and see what has inspired me. I now have a deep wish to make:

  1. A patterned maxi dress. Luckily I have the fabric for this
  2. A pair of brightly coloured trousers
  3. More fit and flare dresses
  4. More things with jersey in general

Total thanks to everyone who took part as I’ve so loved seeing your daily posts and reading your comments. And mega mega thanks to Zoe, star organiser! Til next year…



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