Me Made May, the story so far… and a short stripey number

So far

Hello! Me Made May is going well so far. If you’re taking part, I hope you’re having fun!

Most of all, I’m having a brilliant time looking at everyone’s creations on Flickr and finding tons of new blogs through that.

So far, I’ve worn:

Day 1: Black jersey ‘Audrey Hepburn’ dress from Famous Frocks – plus tartan Zara blazer, jade tights and belt.

Day 2: Red vintage-pattern skirt – the same as this one – with cream shell top, striped H&M cardy and granny’s pearls.

Day 3: Leopard print dress, which is Kwik-Sew pattern K3521 with pink belt, tights and striped Zara blazer. And rain.

Day 4: May the Fourth party modified Star Wars tshirt, originally from H&M, and black jersey tube skirt which I didn’t use a pattern for but just sewed up a tube and made an elastic waistband for.

Day 5: Lazy day with heart glitter badge I made at a Tatty Devine workshop.

Day 6: Grey jersey dress loosely based on ‘Diana Ross’ from Famous Frocks, but much, much modified. It got absolutely drenched on the water rides in Blackpool and lived to tell the tale.

Here’s today’s outfit, of which we must discuss more:


I should say, I’m getting a bit vain with the selfies during MMM. This is my living room. I did try and set up the camera but the light (unexpected Scottish sunshine!) did not agree with the zoom when it was timed, and the boy is working late all week.

My mum, who’s a member of a sewing discount site, asked me a while ago if there were any patterns I had my eye on as she had a three-for-one offer. I’d been wanting Vogue V1237 for quite a while and had never gotten round to getting it so it seemed like a great opportunity.

Vogue V1237 Jacket and dress pattern

Vogue V1237 Jacket and dress pattern

Given my love for black and white stripes, I’d been hankering after a cropped black and white jacket and this seemed like it would work well. The back is actually only split into two pieces so I had to cut an extra one aligned with the way the seams sit on the front. I also wasn’t sure about the buttons as it was already looking pretty busy, so instead I just closed the seams entirely and put on some poppers.

Both pieces of fabric are little leftovers so I’ve been able to use up some of my scraps.

The pattern was super easy to use; although in my infinite wisdom I managed to accidentally sew the lining in wrong-way-up (I don’t know.. I didn’t even notice until I turned it out). I’m hoping to make a matching suit if I can get some nice light tweed or wool suiting, as I think the style is perfect for work.

For MMM today, I wore it with a black flouncy skirt and plain black, long-sleeve t – but I’m also thinking it would be great with some black trousers.

Now to plan out next week’s outfits…


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