It’s Me Made May!

Hurrah, it’s May Day. Which means the start of Me Made May.

I’m not going to commit to blogging every day as I don’t think I’ll be able to, but I’m hoping to do a couple of updates a week.

Today I wore my black jersey Audrey Hepburn pattern dress which is fast becoming my favourite thing in my wardrobe. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear but at the same time looks classy.

As I’m probably going to wear this at least one more time during the challenge I wanted a pic of the rest of my outfit as well. It’s my favourite blazer, it’s from Zara and made of Black Watch tartan. I wore it with a teal belt and tights.

It was a long day today, but I wanted to pop a pic off just to kick things off. My favourite part of today has been having a peep at all of the pics being uploaded to the Flickr group and on Instagram. It’s exciting and I’m getting a look at some great patterns to try and some fab new blogs to follow.


This is my ‘dazed after a long day’ look.


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