The Great Gatsby sewing challenge

As a rule, I’m not great at sewing challenges where you have to actually make something in a set time. If it’s something like Me Made May, when you can fit things around what you’re doing anyway, that’s one thing. Joining in something to a deadline isn’t always my favourite thing though, because I don’t always have time to actually do them (even if I might want to), or I find myself wanting to make something completely different, or I’ve just got another pattern, or etc etc. Also, as you might notice, I have problems keeping up with blogging anyway… So although I love seeing what people come up with given the same challenge or project to work on, I don’t often decide to join in such things.

However, last week I spotted a link over on Disaster in a Dress which read ‘Great Gatsby sewing challenge’…

If you didn’t already know, all of the details are on Miss Crayola Creepy and if you click the image above, you can find out all about it. The film is out on May 16 in the UK and I am pretty excited.

When I was in fifth year at school, I read the book for the first time thanks to my English teacher. Here is the incredibly well-thumbed copy I’ve had since:

The Great Gatsby

The opening line has always been one of my favourites:

‘In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since.‘ 

Since, I’ve read it over and over. As with any beloved book, I’m quite apprehensive about what the film would be like. The Robert Redford version is, to put it politely, a bit of a letdown. But I have some faith in Baz Lurhmann and Leonardo Di Caprio – if anyone can pull Gatsby off, it’s likely to be him. So, we’ll see. And another thing I’m not concerned about is how spectacular the costumes are going to be.

While I love twenties-style dresses, I’m going to have to go for something slightly inauthentic as dropped waists just will not work on me. A nod, rather than an aping of the style. I did some pinning to try and get some ideas in my head, and am hoping to pick up some fabric this week – along with some beads; as beading is probably my favourite element of this kind of style.

Here’s my dream kind of dress (which naturally I won’t be doing in anything like this kind of elaborate style):

A 1920's fully beaded dress with jagged hemline

A 1920’s fully beaded dress with jagged hemline, pic from

 What I’d like to go for is something with a waist at the normal level, but with a tiered skirt, bit of beading on the hem lines. Quite simple, and hopefully wearable as well. So – not to much to ask, eh?


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