Farrah Fawcett gets stripey

A while ago I got Famous Frocks, a book which, if you haven’t heard of it, has 10 patterns based on iconic dresses.

I’ve seen mixed reviews of this elsewhere on sewing blogs; for me the attraction was that it was £10 for 10 patterns, a couple of which looked like nice basics I wanted, such as a decent wrap dress (inspired by Farah Fawcett), a cowl-neck dress (Audrey Hepburn) and a shift dress (Jackie O, of course).

When it arrived, I really like a couple of the others too – Rita Hayworth especially, I have some perfect fabric for.

The crux is, I got a big haul of fabric recently and did some planning on what I’m going to use it for. All of which is helping me towards Me Made May and a holiday in June which I want to have some pretty stuff made for. I had a bit of a Diana Ross dress disaster, which I’m going to attempt to fix, but the next try was Farrah Fawcett.


I like the look of wrap dresses, but can never get one which fits right across my chest (vests would have to come into play) – so I figured making one for myself was worth a go.

My camera decides focus is not happening when it’s losing battery, hence this spectacularly fuzzy view.


The fabric’s this nice black and white striped cotton from Remnant Kings; it’s a bit of a strober when sewing right-side-up but fine from the wrong side.

I love black and white stripes; so happy they’ve come back in as it means – although I’m not much for trends as such – I can stock up on them until the next time.

stripey 2

You might glimpse my little pile of next projects here – turquoise and flowered viscose and black jersey.

stripey 1

The main issue I had was fastening the dress. I tried a couple of options before landing on a combination of ribbon and hook and eye, so that there’s no gape at the neckline.

I also sewed a dart in the non-wrapped side, to make it sit a little better.

So that’s that! I’d use the pattern again, but probably with a soft jersey rather than a cotton. And I’d do the long sleeves.

Any Famous Frocks fans out there?


3 responses to “Farrah Fawcett gets stripey

  1. I just left a comment on your Flickr photo of your Audrey Hepburn dress asking if you’d made any of the other patterns, then thought I’d check your blog out to see for myself. This is the pattern I’m going to start with from this book so thanks for the tip re the combination hook & eye and ribbon for fastening! I love the fabric you’ve used for it!

    • Hello
      Yeah I left a reply but had only seen it this afternoon 🙂
      Thanks- I like this one but I’m definitely going to try it in something a bit drapier like a softer cotton or a jersey too at some point. I’ll look out for your version 🙂

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