Great British Sewing Bee, and some planning afoot

So, like every sewing enthusiast in Britain, I’ve been watching the Great British Sewing Bee tonight. The best thing about the show was seeing all of the sewing chat on Twitter – that, and a car-print a-line mini skirt which was super cute.

I’m a huge fan of Project Runway, and as that, sadly, does not exist on my TV at the moment this is plugging the gap a bit. There’s no one like Tim Gunn (anywhere), but Patrick Grant seems like a nice choice. Plus, this seems to be a complete rarity among reality shows in that all of the contestants seem likeable. Maybe I’ve just watched too much of the Apprentice, or maybe it’s because it’s only the first week.

It’s hard not to root for Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons as I so enjoy reading her blog; but I’m loving Ann and Sandra so far.

In fact, the only thing that kinda disappointed me in the first episode were the challenges. An a-line skirt? Customise the neckline of a top? A dress they knew about and could practice? SCOFF.

It became pretty evident though that it’s easy enough to think those things would be simple – but add a time limit and the pressure of filming, and that quickly changes I guess. I’m looking forward to seeing their creativity stretched a little, though.


An exciting post on So, Zo… the other day was an early warning of Me Made May 2013 – which is pretty exciting.

Last year, I did manage to keep my pledge and wear something I’d made every day – on some days, it was as simple as a hair accessory or corsage, but I kept it going. Where I failed was in keeping any sort of record.

So, there’s two types of planning to be done – one is that, I’ve got a wee stash of fabrics and patterns just waiting to be sewn up. I’m almost done with a wrap dress, and I have some gorgeous drapey black jersey, plain turquoise for a shift dress, and flower-and-bird print blue and pink viscose stuff. It was a bit of a blowout. I’ve also got various odds and ends which I earmarked for fixing or making into tops *last* year.. oops.

The second part is to properly, actually use this space to record the thing this year. I’ve realised that no matter how much I want to, if I don’t set aside specific time to browse around blogs or update, it just won’t get done — as evidenced by mega gaps. So, kick myself into action. Again.


Also, I just had to prove that the grey dress looked good on… My friend’s photographer posted her pictures.

waugh wed-426

The photographer was the same who did our wedding – the unbeatable Neil Thomas Douglas, who hopefully won’t mind that I’ve posted this here.


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