In a grey haze

I still obviously haven’t gotten the hang of this. My everyday life, you see, consists of writing and deadlines. So sometimes it’s difficult to keep myself going in terms of writing anything outside of that. What I have been really enjoying, though, is having more time to read sewing blogs again. It’s been inspiring.

Since I last scribbled here, I haven’t made too much. I’m still waiting to make any part of my 40’s suit pattern (although the 40s Sew For Victory sew-along just now might give me some inspiration). I did make a little fascinator and my black watch tartan dress, which I’m really proud of but don’t have any good pics of as yet. And in the last few weeks – moved by the fact that I’ve got the overlocker back for a bit, and a wedding to go to, I’ve finally had a crack at making something with some special fabric.

When we went on honeymoon to San Francisco, I bought some fabric to make up something to remind me of the trip.

We traipsed around three floors of Britex (which was heavenly, but at some points just too expensive) and I got seduced by a kind of organza and taffeta combination in a gorgeous silvery slate grey. I promptly bought a few yards of each.

When I got them home, I had a bit of a  ‘What was I thinking?!’ moment. The taffeta looked too shiny. The organza looked too flower-girly. And I didn’t have enough.

I kept it for over a year, uhming and ahhing about what I could do.

Then, at Christmas, my inlaws gave me vouchers for Mandors (GREAT present). While spending them (as fast as humanly possible after Christmas) I found an absolutely beautiful, gun-metal coloured chiffon – and the cogs began to turn.

So here we go.

Grey dress long shot.

Just so you know, this dress is very hard to photograph. For one thing, the colour looks quite purply (which it is, slightly, but not a lot). For another, it just wasn’t sitting attractively on Diana. It looks more becoming in real life, honest.

Close up of neckline

I boosted the colour so that one being purply is probably my fault… It also needs a good press.

The dress is made of a mishmash of patterns and bits I’ve fashioned myself – the skirt from an old Butterick dress pattern I like, the bodice from the top of a vintage dress pattern and the bit underneath a cut-down version of that bodice to allow for the sheer part at the top.

Silver fabric

In order to try and demonstrate just how grey and not purple this is, I tried a pic with the flash. So you can see! The skirt has an added layer of sparkle as I made it from three layers – the original taffeta and organza with the gunmetal chiffon on the top.

As you might be able to make out from the first photo, I’ve done a staggered hem to add a bit of interest (as it was looking quite oppressively grey) and also show off the layers a bit. Originally, I was going to bead the chiffon layer, but on some tests I did it made the whole thing a bit mother-of-the-bride and too old for me. So to funk it up a bit I did this.

I’m still undecided. First of all, the hem(s) doesn’t sit well on the dress Diana – much better actually on me, but I can’t get a pic right now. Second, I’m still worried people will think I just wasn’t able to line up the hem. Third, I think after having whipped it through on the machine, I’m thinking I might take it up again and hand-stitch – as it will just be more pleasant looking. Again, it needs pressed – which could make all the difference. But I do think it’s a cute addition.

This is being taken out this weekend for my friend’s wedding, and I can’t wait to wear it properly. Bonus shoe picture:

Bonus shoe picture

As for other sewing, I’m currently sitting on some grey jersey, for a wrap dress I think, and some beautiful abstract-patterned blue and black chiffon, which I’m itching to use. I’m not quite sure which pattern to use, though. I want to be able to make something I can wear more often, but I want to make the best of it as well. It would be perfect for a maxi dress, but a bit over-dramatic; similarly it would make a sweet day dress but I don’t want to waste it.

Decisions, decisions. The good part is, I got 3 metres as it was on sale (£2.99/m!) so I have plenty to play with and might get a dress and additional top or skirt as well. I just need to get cracking. In the meantime, if I’m not writing, rest assured I’m keeping up by reading.


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