OWOP: Day 7 and a bit of a roundup..

It was a busy weekend, and straight out of work on Friday I went out. I had spent the day in Edinburgh, for work, so at the end of it I got a colleague to snap me in St Andrew’s Square.

I had to go for the comic book dress again; I think the fabric is my favourite of all although the floral dress is probably my favourite of how they came out.

I also wore another pair of favourite shoes:

I also finally remembered to take a pic of the unfortunate green halterneck.

As you can see, this fabric wrinkles like nobody’s business:

After my neck flaring up, I think I’m going to try and adapt this to be a cross-over back instead so that the scratchy material isn’t rubbing it.

The straps are plenty long enough, and they’re already on a bit of a slant so seems like a good option. If I can ever get the creases out, I’ll be able to wear it again.

It was a weird mix of relief and pride and a wee bit of sadness to be finished with OWOP. At the weekend, I felt almost at a loss with what to wear! Although I did appreciate getting to choose a different outfit.

In terms of the whole week, I’m really glad I took part. It was a great kick in terms of getting some sewing done and, now I have a nice collection of dresses for the summer. And a pink one which isn’t finished, of course! I’ll do it eventually.


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