OWOP… days four, five and six combined in one mega post!

Now, you might think I’ve been slacking off, but I can assure you I’ve been OWOPing away this week – it’s just been rather a busy one. I do have an excellent excuse for you – last night I was out chasing zombies. If you don’t believe me, here are the articles…

And on the Tuesday, I had a friend round for the first time in forever, so it didn’t seem polite to break away from our conversation to post photographs I’m afraid.

So here’s the big catch up.

On Day 4, I wore the pinstriped version of the dress:


As you can see, I’ve done a touch of embellishment. Or as C said, bursting into laughter, “That’s the biggest bow I’ve ever seen, bwahahahaha.” Of course I had to correct him that it was a corsage, but he assured me that it was both hilarious and pretty. Good save. I wore it with a black longsleeve T underneath, just to make sure I was covered up enough (both for the office, and to protect my poor sore skin – you can see how red my neck is. That ain’t sunburn). I’m wearing purple court shoes from Office, which are super comfortable for work but still purple and metallic so awesome.

The weather was still beautiful (sorry to be repeating myself but we’re still astounded here) so we had gone for a walk and seat outside at lunchtime. This is the Clyde in Glasgow, and the Armadillo building is just peeping out of the left hand side.

On day five, I wore my floral dress and red peep toes again, but changed it up a little:


I like the idea of turning a dress into a skirt by overlaying, and this dress has so many lovely colours that I was able to use a few. It might be apparent that I have no fear of the colour clash. At all. I’ve had this pink jacket from Next for several years, but noticed when I took it off that one of the arms is a bit worse for wear on the underside, and I might need to replace it. But it’s a super-cute shape.

SO. On to today! I’ve got my original version of the pattern on – which I made in December for my Christmas night. Although it’s in a rather summery fabric which I’d bought in Mandors at the end of the previous summer and not got round to using.

This pic by my colleague Oonagh is clearly my best facial expression of the week:


Not sure what I’m up to. The way I’m standing also makes the straps look somewhat wonky, which they’re not really. This is the secret corridor in work, where people go to have conversations on their mobiles that they don’t want anyone else to listen in to. Shhhh.

I’ve put a little black shirt under the dress, just in a vague attempt to smarten it up a little for work – and also wore it with a black blazer outside. I think this works quite well, although I must admit I’m lucky to work somewhere with a fairly open dress code! I’ve never been entirely sure about these light grey tights (I have been hanging about with zombies, but I’m not sure I want to look like one) but seem to always wear them along with this dress.

I should also note that I’m wearing one of my favourite pairs of shoes today:



So that’s me all caught up, other than adding a pic of the green halterneck dress from day three. Hope your OWOP is going well, if you’re joining in.

I can’t quite believe it’s the last day tomorrow. I’m still deciding whether to make an attempt at finishing my pink version of the dress for going out tomorrow night… We’ll see. I might just collapse on the couch instead.


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