One week one pattern… day two

It’s getting pretty late, you might notice. I mean, technically it’s already day three for me, but never mind. I write a weekly news and things column for a Monday for a music blog, which sometimes keeps me up on a Sunday night (usually not so late if I’m at work the next day, but luckily I’m off tomorrow) as one track leads to another, and I just keep playing and playing and suddenly realise I *really* need to get to bed.

Today was a glorious day in Glasgow – somewhat unusual, if you’re not familiar with Scottish weather. Especially in March! When I first started planning out OWOP, I was thinking of all the colourful tights I’d use to coordinate with my dresses. I didn’t consider for a second that I wouldn’t be needing tights at all. Today though, I was able to stroll out with tights-less legs and just a cardy for coverup. Again, March, Scotland — this is just a total surprise. So I must give thanks to organiser Tilly and the Buttons for choosing such a fortunate week.

I wore my flowery version of the pattern today, which went very nicely with the weather. I also got the ultimate compliment when a passer-by asked me where the dress was from as she wanted one! Blush central. I was obviously thrilled.

Pensive much? Having a peep out of our window. I wanted a full length shot and thought all the ones where I was looking at the camera were odd!

I wore the dress with a grey cardigan, red peep-toe patent sandals, and one of my favourite brooches which C’s aunty bought me for Christmas one year.

…which is surprisingly hard to get a pic of without just looking like a weird pic of my chest. Apologies.

Here’s a shot where you can see the print a bit closer, along with the shoes. I adore this fabric, and I’ve got just about enough left to make a pretty little top as well for the summer.

I’m hoping to re-wear this towards the end of the week, with, weather-dependent, a green cardigan (which I couldn’t wear today as it was a big football game in Glasgow, during which you wouldn’t want to wear green or blue just in case of inadvertently starting people off — it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true! I used to own a green mac, and on match days where I worked often got heckled by supporters from the other side…) or a pink blouse and pink jacket.

I’m also really enjoying catching up with what some other people are doing with OWOP – some really nice stuff going on.


4 responses to “One week one pattern… day two

  1. Hey Elaine! Found you through the owop-challenge. nd ai am totally exited!A few yeas ago I had my Erasmus-Semester in Glasgow and since then my heart is beating for the city! Greeting from Germany.

      • Yeah – I probably don’t wear florals enough! I go for more plain, stripy or checky fabrics! I have to venture out into the world of florals though!!

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