One week one pattern… day one.

The word of the day is definitely ooft.

This was never going to be a glamourous photo, because it’s truly the hangover pic. Last night was big hen night in Manchester and today, I woke up after not enough sleep at 8.45am. I couldn’t nod off again, so after a few hours wandering in the glorious sunshine and a ride in the big wheel, we had a train ride back from Manchester to Glasgow. Some dozing in the carriage and a plunder of the papers later, we finally sloped home to takeaway Chinese food (yum) and more dozing on the couch.

So given all that, I’m afraid I’m looking not quite my best here! The idea for day one was that it had to incorporate the essential cozy travelling hoody and Converse (which I already kicked off before this pic, but they’re silver). I also think this version of the dress looks cute with the black belt; the black tights were picked before I knew how lovely and warm the day would be.

Look at that blue sky! Gorgeous. Here’s a view of the Cathedral from the top of this wheel:

At the moment I’m planning on wearing this one again which will give me a chance to dress it up a bit. And hopefully look a bit less wan.


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