OWOP progress!

This weekend is the big hen night, but it’s also the start of One Week One Pattern! Which is why I’ve been in a bit of a sewing frenzy.

Here’s a wee pile of fabric I started out with:


The navy blue pinstripe is a linen that I’ve had for about two years since I bought it on impulse when it was on sale for £2.99/m. I know, right? I’ve never found something to make out of it as it’s a bit formal for me – but I like the idea of using more staid fabrics for more pretty/casual dresses. The pink is also something I pulled out of my stash.

The other three I got on a wee spree in Mandors, because they had a good voucher deal where I got £40-worth for £16. Amazing.

I love the flower print and the light green is really nice and summery, with a kind of silvery thread through it too. And the last one. Well. I almost cried over this. It has both Rick from Casablanca, something about teenagers from outer space and Batman quotes on it. It’s crazy. It was pretty expensive… but also very wide, so I’ll also have quite enough left to make a wee shift dress, which is exciting.


While I know it wasn’t strictly necessary to make so many entirely new dresses for OWOP, my theory was that I could also do another couple of things I’d wanted to: using up some fabrics which have been kicking around for a while, and also boosting my spring/summer wardrobe. I live in dresses, and I really wanted some fresh ones to prance about in while hoping for sun in grey Scotland.

So. I’ve completed one entirely (the grey floral fabric), and have three more which just need zips in (which I went to buy tonight). And I’ve cut out a fifth in the pink, but haven’t sewn any of that one up yet. As I already have a dress in this pattern, I’ll have five ready by the end of this week, so I figure the pink can be an optional, sew-it-on-the-week-if-I-feel-like-it deal.


What I like best about the pattern (Simplicity 2176) is that there’s a lot of options for styling just in the dress itself. So the one I’ve already got, has the collar from the pattern which I’ve also added to the comic book and pinstripe dresses. The comic book, I’ve used white silk for the bodice rather than the same fabric throughout and done thinner straps. The light green, I’ve made the halterneck version and also done my own version of the collar which is very exaggerated. And for the flower pattern, I’ve taken off the collar and changed the upper part of the bodice to a kind of sweetheart neckline — I’m thinking of adding some little red buttons on the front, if I can find them.

Anyway, the most interesting thing will be to see how much I can get from the styling and restyling of the outfits. I’m notoriously bad at deciding what to wear in the morning, so the idea of having a weeks’ worth of outfits planned out is quite exciting – it will save me a heap of time in the morning!


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