Untimely updates

I’ve not had much spare time these past few weeks, which has been something of a problem in parts.

First off, I’ve had a lot on both in and out of work in terms of writing, so I’ve not felt quite like writing otherwise; that’s also mean less sewing time of course, so I haven’t really had much to say.

In a couple of weeks, however, I’ve got a hen night coming; and it has a Moulin Rouge! theme… so I had a couple of things to finish off.

I’m not a huge fan of themed hen nights, it has to be said. And I’m a little wary of what this one will bring as it will mean several of my new in-laws in corsets and bustles.

Taking a few liberties with the theme, I decided to go for a kind of Cabaret-type look (well, there’s definitely a bit where Nicole Kidman wears a sparkly waistcoat/tails thing so I’m thinking it works alright) and create a black waistcoat.

I used black satin-back crepe and New Look 6839 which, I have to say, wasn’t the greatest. I had a little trouble with the back matching up with the sides; I had to trim the back down to make it work which I wasn’t really happy about. So the back is lower down than I’d ideally like, but it’s at least wearable. I could remake the back, but it seems like a lot for what will probably be a one-time costume.

Anyway, I had a lot of consideration over what to wear with the waistcoat. Going the full Minelli would have meant shorts, of course; but I thought I could make it a little classier with a pencil skirt. I’ve had this pattern:

lying in my sewing stuff for years. I’ve made it a long time ago, in the version with the flounce and wore it a lot; until one night I got an oil stain on it while filling up my car. Dang.

It’s one of the simplest patterns I can think of; I made it last weekend start to finish in about two and a half hours. I’m pretty pleased with that!

At the same time, I’ve still had the capelet for the actual wedding to make, which I started this week.

The dress I’m wearing has a huge hummingbird print across it so I wanted to mirror that a little in the beading to tie the cape in more. I did mean to plan out the pattern exactly but thenchanged my mind and decided to just start directly with the fabric and see where I got.

This is the first half, it’s not looking too bad (although the photo doesn’t pick up the proper colour of the long beads; they’re kind of petrol, tinted, multi-coloured deals which works with the different tones in the feathers of the dress).

It’s all cut out now; so just remains to get stitching.

In the meantime, though, I’ve done a bit of fabric shopping and and thinking of putting it to use for the One Week, One Pattern challenge which I read about on Tilly and the Buttons. I *think* I’m going to use Simplicity 2176 for this. I’ve already got one dress in this pattern, and  really like it. I’ve got one dress already in this and it’s a pattern I really like. And also, I’ve got some incredible fabric which I think will suit it well. And it’s quick to do in my experience. But It depends on how much I can get done this weekend. Game on.



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