Beads, beads and more beads

I’ve been having a think, which is probably because I have a couple of things which I have been supposed to do already and have drifted away from them.

At the moment, I’m about halfway through making a waistcoat for my husband’s cousin’s hen do (there’s a Moulin Rouge! theme so I’m taking it as classy as I can and channeling a more Minelli-esque, Cabaret style look which will still fit in but I’ll still be happy with). I’m also needing to get started on the capelet for their wedding, which I finally bought beads for at the weekend. I’m planning a kind of bird-related motif, maybe kindof abstract, feathery type of thing, because the dress I’m wearing it over is this Ted Baker number with enormous humming birds on it.

I’ve also got a basket-full of half-thought-of, part-cut-out, nearly-there kind of projects which I have stalled in for one reason or another.

So naturally, instead of focussing on any of them, I’m going to start thinking about something else entirely.

When we were on honeymoon last year, I dragged my shiny new husband fabric shopping, which seems a bit mean I know. The reason being, I wanted to have something I could make which I’d know I got on that holiday, which would be special. I promptly bought some steely gray/lilacy gorgeous fabric with the same tone of organza to overlay, because the colour kept catching my eye.

Bringing it home again, I realised my original plan for it might look altogether far too bridesmaidy – there was just something a bit too uncool.

Buying the beading yesterday, ideas suddenly started spinning around in my head about something a bit more elegant. I first started thinking along a kind of scallop-bottomed, twenties kind of edge. But, I think, that would require a slinkier bottom fabric than I’ve bought.

What might work better would be more of a sixties idea; so that’s what I’ve been looking at tonight. I’ve figured this is how I can get the best use of out Pinterest at the same time. Here’s the board I created while having a look, and here are a couple of examples:

OK, this one isn’t beaded, but it’s just fabulous (what else would you expect from Jackie O?).


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