A cape, a dress, and a big long break otherwise.

Over the last few months, I’ve been taking it pretty easy. My sewing machine has been quietly gathering dust in the corner, save a couple of short, frantic outings before Christmas.

First of all, I used New Look 6916 (above) to make a pretty awesome cape. Proper hunting red, and for good measure with frogging and brass buttons. When I wear it I feel a bit like a superhero, and a bit like I’m wearing a giant blanket. It’s good for keeping out the cold anyway, and I’m really pleased with it. I’m also going to re-use the pattern to make a capelet (D in the pic if you can see it) for my husband’s cousin’s wedding this year. More on that later, no doubt. Anyway, here’s my effort (the long shot looks kinda rubbish on Diana, and even here she’s not holding the collar up right, so this isn’t the best it could look):

It’s the only thing I’ve ever made that 1) my mum didn’t believe I had at first and 2) people have stopped me in the street to ask where I got it/complement it. Which is pretty good.

Secondly, I used Simplicity 2176 to make a dress for my Christmas night out.

I love the Project Runway style patterns, because there are always quite a few options for you; I made mine straight straps, rather than halterneck, and wapped the little collar on it because I thought it was pretty cute. This pattern was really nice to use, and the shape is very flattering so I think I’ll be using it again. I’ve had a request to make one for a friend as well, but I’m awaiting her fabric purchase. Here’s how mines turned out:

I’ve slipped a petticoat under it, which it can *just* take, but if I made another using this pattern which I really wanted to wear with a petticoat, I’d probably extend the skirt a bit, to give it a bit more room. So that’s what I did before Christmas.


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